Barney Cortez Gets an Energy Boost with New Single ‘Protein’

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Philadelphia based indie rocker, Barney Cortez, is back with a new single titled “Protein” which brings contemporary guitar tones and synthesizers to a ballad-like song feels like a mesh between Cage the Elephant and Bruce Springsteen. “It’s just about freedom,” Cortez says. “The exhilaration of moving from city to city […]

Between Seduction and Depression in ‘Violin’ by Ike Rhein

Ike Rhein_Violin

More to Watch By Charlie Maybee Miami based alternative R&B singer and rapper, Ike Rhein, has returned with his second single of year, a moody track titled “Violin.” Along with the track, he has also released a brand-new music video that sways in somber blue tones. Building on a discography of songs primarily focused on […]