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Point is Ready to “Live It Out Loud”

Point_Live It Out Loud

Recent Articles Norwegian alternative pop band, Point, is back with their latest single “Live It Out Loud” which acts as a call-to-action for listeners to live life to the fullest and not waste a single moment. The song leans into elements of classic rock to go along with its classic mantra with larger-than-life guitars leading […]

The Never Ending Fall Make an Indie Rock Heel Turn with “Bad Taste”

Never Ending Fall_Bad Taste

Recent Articles Fallston, Maryland-based junk (jazz + funk) band, The Never Ending Fall, put on their best indie rock impression with their latest single “Bad Taste”. Posited as the 2023 “Anti-Valentine’s Day” anthem, it marks a moment of transition as the band takes on a more lighthearted, yet edgy LA-centric sound. At once, the guitars […]