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“IT’S ABOUT TIME” Shows Pshycotic Beats Embracing the Light

Pshycotic Beats "IT'S ABOUT TIME"

Recent Articles Andrés Costureras, otherwise known as the shapeshifting enigma Pshychotic Beats, takes on a more uplifting tone with his latest single “IT’S ABOUT TIME”. Self-described as “if Trent Reznor produced the Pet Shop Boys”, it’s a song that maintains a sense of aloofness but with a more propulsive beat and a Bowie-esque approach to […]

Sardonic Commentary from Scarlett Saint’s New Single ‘Through the Woods’

Scarlett Saint_Through the Woods

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee From the opening notes, you can feel a haunting tension in Scarlett Saint’s new single “Through the Woods. The UK-based alternative rock duo wails with an enchanting melody that seems to echo endlessly through time. There’s an inherent darkness to the music and the lyrics that balances these lofty melodies […]