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Point is Ready to “Live It Out Loud”

Point_Live It Out Loud

Recent Articles Norwegian alternative pop band, Point, is back with their latest single “Live It Out Loud” which acts as a call-to-action for listeners to live life to the fullest and not waste a single moment. The song leans into elements of classic rock to go along with its classic mantra with larger-than-life guitars leading […]

Ben DeHan Looks Back, Writes Personal Letter to Himself with ‘Broken Bones’

Ben DeHan - Sized for Thumbnail

There are times when a band’s songwriter comes up with music so personal, it defies categorization to the point that it doesn’t quite fit under the band’s moniker. This is the way Ben DeHan, approaches all of his songwriting, and it’s the reason that he releases music under his own name. After a stretch playing with American Diary and a subsequent hiatus, DeHan returned with a newfound energy as a solo artist. Since then, he and his wife, collaborator and cellist, Lauren have worked hard to establish the authenticity and versatility of their pop-punk act. Learn more about the duo’s journey and new EP with contributing writer Charlie Maybee.