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Jon Tyler Wiley is “Full-Handed” and a Little Heavy Hearted

Jon Tyler Wiley & His Virginia Choir - Full-Handed album art with a tall tree, bare of leaves, amidst a clouded sky background.

Recent Articles You’ll understand why Jon Tyler Wiley & His Virginia Choir claim to be a country band that doesn’t play country music once you hear “Full-Handed.” The band blurs the lines of genre between folk, country, and Americana music once more in this deeply emotive and engaging song written about a dissolving marriage from the […]

Brooke Sause Finds Her Resolve with “BITTER”

Brooke Sause_BITTER

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee South Florida based singer-songwriter, Brooke Sause is coming to terms with betrayal in her new single “BITTER”, which fizzes with disdain for some sorry boy who has clearly scorned her. From the very beginning, she does not pull her punches in the slightest as she goes for the kill with […]