John Evans’ Latest Single Encourages Listeners to “Hold On”

John Evans Hold On Muhmmed Ali YouTube Music Video Thumbnail

More to Watch Daniel Warren Hill While highlighting the release of his March 4 single, “Dream Of You,” we gave readers a broad introduction to the music of North Wales songwriter and recording artist, John Evans, whose lifelong passion and commitment to music have inspired him to explore as many aspects of the music industry […]

Hope Floats in “Future Memories” by James the Seventh

James the Seventh_Future Memories

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee As a dance-music based artist, it’s always a pleasure to write about other musicians who are also dancers like the Philadelphia based dream pop musician, James the Seventh. With her new single “Future Memories”, she addresses her struggles with an eating disorder from her tenure as a full-time ballet dancer […]

Breaking Up Storm Clouds with ‘Sunshine on a rainy day’ by sunsets and bad bets

sunsets and bad bets_Sunshine on a rainy day

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Amsterdam based singer-songwriters, sunsets and bad bets, have released their debut single “Sunshine on a rainy day”, which manages a healthy dose of optimism to help round out latter half of the week. With the combined efforts of classical composer David Collier and jazz singer, Sydney Imani, we get a […]