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Rafaèlla Turns Mysticism into Power with “WOMAN”


More to Watch London-pop commercial pop singer, Rafaèlla, is feeling darker and moodier than ever with her latest single “WOMAN”. Heavily inspired by current events surrounding women’s rights in the last couple of years, the song channels a sense of simultaneous tenderness, strength, and resilience. There’s a cinematic sense of scale to the song’s ethereal […]

Janae Daniels is Staying Ready and Versatile with ‘4FOR4’

Beneath the sensual attack of her pop melodies and rapping, Janae Daniels is a DC baby born-and-raised in some of the city’s hallmark musical cultures. With equal roots singing in church choirs and go-go bands, she began developing a distinct personality and rhythm to her musical expression from an early age. And as her prowess began to earn her acclaim, she dug in deeper. Between her go-go roots, the inspiring voices of women in her church choir, and some external influences, Janae has shown up continually with unshakeable presence. Learn more about her latest EP, 4FOR4, with contributing writer Charlie Maybee.

Husam Is Ready to ‘Lead a Change’ with His Most Personal Song Yet

Husam - Lead a Change - Cover Art

Recent Articles On March 12, D.C.-based alternative singer and composer, Husam, released “Lead a Change,” which is perhaps his most personal song to date. The heartbreaking and melodious track gives audiences a glimpse into abuse the Syrian American artist suffered at the hands of his father while growing up. Ultimately, the song empowers audiences to […]

Husam Says ‘Good Riddance’ in Anti-Valentine’s Day Single

Husam-Good Riddance Cover Art

Recent Articles On February 12, D.C.-based Syrian-American artist, Husam, released his latest single, “Good Riddance.” The anti-Valentine’s Day track is anthemic, moody, and powerful. Drawing from the alternative artist’s personal experience of being dumped unexpectedly by a former flame, the song carries an important message for anyone who has been jilted, ghosted, or otherwise sidelined: […]

Slayloverboy Follows the Flow on “Where Do We Go”

Slayloverboy_Where Do We Go

More to Watch Slayloverboy, the alternative rap artist from Southern California, is back with a brand-new music video single “Where Do We Go”, which comes fresh off his latest album No Bad Slays. With pulsing synthesizers and a steady beat, this track sets a moody tone for the album, also highlighted by the video’s saturated, […]

Denel Gets Reflective at His Own Personal “Crossroads”


Recent Articles South African-born, New Zealand-based R&B artist, Denel, is back with his latest moody single, “Crossroads”, which ebbs and flows in saturated synthesizers and bass that feels viscous like honey. There is a sense of frustration that comes through the song’s stoic exterior. “They watch me fall, but they don’t help me back up” […]

Manpreet Kundi Takes It Slow with “lipstick kisses”

Manpreet Kundi_lipstick kisses

Recent Articles Berkshire singer-songwriter, Manpreet Kundi, is back with the new, moody single “lipstick kisses”. Channeling some melancholy dream pop vibes, her breathy vocals hang drearily against an ethereal backdrop of synthesizers and gentle guitar. “I wrote ‘lipstick kisses’ on the guitar, sitting in bed alone one night a few years ago” says, Kundi. “Symbolic […]

Maryen Cairns Flips a Switch with “ANEW”

Maryen Caines_Anew

Recent Articles Sometimes music can be transformative for both the listener and the one creating it. With Maryen Cairns, her seventh studio album, ANEW, caused a shift in her core song writing process that seemed to flow with ease like water down a stream. “It was like a switch clicked inside my head and suddenly […]

“IT’S ABOUT TIME” Shows Pshycotic Beats Embracing the Light

Pshycotic Beats "IT'S ABOUT TIME"

Recent Articles Andrés Costureras, otherwise known as the shapeshifting enigma Pshychotic Beats, takes on a more uplifting tone with his latest single “IT’S ABOUT TIME”. Self-described as “if Trent Reznor produced the Pet Shop Boys”, it’s a song that maintains a sense of aloofness but with a more propulsive beat and a Bowie-esque approach to […]

Yasmeen is Getting to Know Herself Again in “Stranger”

Yasmeen "Stranger" Cover Art

Recent Articles Yasmeen – “Stranger” Album Art New York based indie pop musician, Yasmeen, is still figuring out new things about herself in her new single “Stranger” which proceeds the release of her upcoming debut album, Marina Del Ray. Driven by breathy vocals and long, sustained chords on the piano, she finds herself evolving into […]