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Tired Radio are Feeling “Lousy, thanks.” on New EP

Tired Radio - official EP cover for "Lousy, thanks."

Recent Articles The “bummer punk” foursome, Tired Radio, follow up their debut album with an energetic, abrasive set of tunes. Tired Radio – official EP cover for “Lousy, thanks.” Hailing from Brooklyn, Tired Radio consist of “1 big guy, 1 small guy and 2 medium guys.” Their tongue-in-cheek approach have set them apart from other […]

Listen to Music for the End Times with surf wax’s New Single “CEO”

surf wax "CEO" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Kansas City-based bedroom pop artist surf wax has just released his new single, “CEO.” This single begins his new era, including his third full-length LP “HERMES,” following his 2020 release of “yacht club.” surf wax, otherwise known as songwriter Cooper Kelley, makes music described as “bedroom surf pop to combat […]

Karras Grows with the ‘Wildflowers’

Karras Wildflowers Album Art

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych Karras’ latest track, ‘Wildflowers’, teaches listeners to persevere through anything that life throws at them. The Midwestern alternative rapper has a distinct, singular style that channels the grit of classic hip-hop through the lens of his off-kilter, surreal consciousness. “Akin to eighties sci-fi depictions of dystopian futures, his off-kilter lyricism […]