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Stephanie Mathias Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month: Daring, Vulnerable, and Pushing the Boundaries

Stephanie Mathias "Hispanic Heritage Month" Press Photo

For Stephanie Mathias, music is an integral part of life. The pop singer-songwriter has gone from playing violin in orchestras in Mexico to running a music podcast (DC Music Rocks) to collaborating with local DMV artists on her own songs. As an award-winning violinist, singer, songwriter, and pianist, her diverse repertoire in the music industry speaks for itself, but Mathias has much more up her sleeve.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrate with Stephanie Mathias as she and contributing writer, Margaret Adams, explore the ways in which Mathias’s own Hispanic…

Collective Musical Activism: Son La Lucha Uses Traditional Mexican Music as Catalyst for Social Justice

Son La Lucha

Combining a grassroots approach to social justice issues with a traditional style of Mexican music, Son La Lucha is a collective of activists who amass community gatherings and political protests through their music. The collective, which can span from 5-30 people at any given time, specializes in a specific regional style of folk music and dance called son jarocho. Learn more with contributing writer Charlie Maybee, including the distinct approach Son La Lucha uses to get their message across without releasing music for profit.