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Brent Funkhouser is Growing “Blackberries” in His Folksy New Single

Brent Funkhouser "Blackberries" album art with a leafy picture of blackberries

More to Watch Self-described “y’alternative” singer-songwriter (and native Virginian) Brent Funkhouser has returned with his deeply personal, berry-themed track “Blackberries” The song’s basis centers on a single question “How do you build a better life?” Funkhouser explores this query through intimate anecdotes peppered throughout the song. “I’ll make the roses bloom,” he opens, “dead of […]

Madness Rises in Roscoe Tripp’s “When the Stalks Are Low”

Roscoe Tripp_When the Stalks Are Low

Recent Articles The indie rock outfit known as Roscoe Tripp take a brooding trip through their new single, “When the Stalks Are Low”. Driven by the wild dynamics of the ever-morphing bass, there’s a heaviness that carries through the song’s core offset by the gentle open chords of guitars and synthesizers. During the verse, the […]

Sammi Lanzetta Continues Her Transformation with “Glass Slipper

Sammi Lanzetta_Glass Slipper

Recent Articles Los Angeles-based indie rocker and pinball wizard, Sammi Lanzetta, is back with a heartfelt single “Glass Slipper” that showcases her fantastic vocal skills against a stop-and-go style composition that sways wildly between your typical rock/new wave set up and suspended moments of soft piano. For fans of the swelling dramatics of Florence Welch […]

Veera Neva Finds a Meditative Flow with “Grande Onde”

Veera Neva_Grande Onde

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Finnish multi-instrumentalist, composer, and musician, Veera Tuomi (also known by her stage name, Veera Neva), is back with her second solo album Grande Onde which translates into “Big Wave” in French which alludes to an exploration of a certain musical approach to physics. “The theme of the album is water, […]

Psyclo Peers Inside the Mind in ‘Trephination’

Psyclo - Press Photo

More to Watch By Daniel Warren Hill In order to treat various health issues related to intracranial diseases, a surgical procedure known as ‘trephination’ is performed, which removes a section of the skull, revealing the sensitive brain tissue underneath. The latest single by Los Angeles-based Psyclo, called “Trephination,” shares that theme with the level of […]

Luke James Shaffer: Steals Our Hearts with “Thieves”

by Kimberly Shires Luke James Shaffer, of Alexandria, Virgina, will release his second EP this spring, titled Vol. 2. Luke’s second EP follows Vol 1, which is one of the WAMMIE finalists for Best Country Americana Artist this year. Alchemical Records sat down with Luke over a cup of coffee to get the scoop on […]