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Crystal Joilena: ‘My Comeback Will Be Greater than My Setback’

Crystal Joilena press photo by Sharon Groenow

New York-based artist Crystal Joilena discusses her latest single and how she plans to come back stronger than ever after a rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease diagnosis.
For New York-based genre-bending artist Crystal Joilena, music is life. Channeling a majestic, otherworldly sound that transcends genre, Joilena’s music captivates like a powerful spiritual encounter, shifting the atmosphere and illuminating everything that it touches.

Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross as she connects with Crystal Joilena to discuss how music helped her to process trauma while growing up, the most important lesson she’s learned as a rising independent artist, why she believes introverts have a secret power, and her favorite memory of the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.
Crystal Joilena always knew that she was destined for a creative career. She got her starts singing in church choirs, attending Broadway productions, auditioning for school musicals, and performing karaoke at venues like Hard Rock Café in Universal Studios, Hollywood.

“I’ve had a few different stage names and been in a lot of rock and metal bands in high school as well,” she shared. “Nothing truly clicked for me until I decided to become a solo artist in 2014 and used my first and middle names to make it more personal; that’s where my stage name Crystal Joilena comes from.”

Gothic Western Rock Duo Hematite: ‘Life Is Constant Movement, You Just Have to Decide What Direction to Go’

Hematite - Press Photo - Courtesy of the Artist

On March 31, gothic Western rock duo Hematite released their debut EP. The one-of-a-kind collection takes listeners across the frontier on a wild journey of discovery and redemption, ultimately arriving at the realization that the past, present, and future are interconnected and evolving. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross as she connects with two of the rock scene’s greatest gems, Davey Muise and Andrew Gaultier, to discuss the vision behind their new direction, the most important takeaway they want listeners to gain from their EP, and what survival and rebirth look like during challenging seasons.

Luke Oxendale of Riot House: ‘We Believe That Artists Should Hold the Power to Their Music’

Press Photo - Courtesy of Riot House

The Riot House, a collective for alternative music lovers, announced the launch of its new Nashville-based creative hub. Inspired by the successes of 615 House, the Riot House is already in the process of amassing success stories of its own. Learn more about the Riot House with contributing writer Cynthia Gross, as she connects with Luke Oxendale, a member of the collective’s leadership team, including what differentiates the Riot House’s efforts from others within the saturated digital space and why he believes D.C., Maryland, and Virginia artists should consider exploring partnership opportunities with the organization.

PsyOp: A Psychological Operation into Hardcore that Shocks. 

PsyOp - Permanent Underclass - Album Art

Recent Articles DC hardcore ‘shock rock’ punk band PsyOp conducts a psychological operation in their latest EP, Permanent Underclass. DC Punk just makes sense. Regardless of what quadrant you’re in.. Chances are there’s something to be angry about: Gentrification, Parking Tickets, George Santos…   In the DC Hardcore scene, you may end up at a venue […]

Dave Eats Mud, and You Should Too – New Music Friday 12/2/2022

New Music Friday - New Music This Week on Alchemical Records

Recent Articles Nature, aggression, and melody had a love child, and they named it Dave Eats Mud and nestled it ever so gently into the waiting arms of DC, MD, and VA. Then Dave Eats Mud released a self-titled EP (in 2018). Then Dave Eats Mud releases another self-titled EP in 2022 and now they are […]

Railgun Recruits Outerloop’s Taisha Estrada for New Single “Yo Sansón Tú Dalilia”

Railgun x Taisha Estrada “Yo Sansón Tú Dalilia”

Recent Articles Richmond-based punk band, Railgun, has teamed up with the powerhouse vocalist, Taisha Estrada, from the D.C. post-punk band Outerloop for their latest flamenco-tinged single “Yo Sansón Tú Dalilia”. Sung entirely in Spanish, the lyrics point towards a love story in decay with Estrada taking center stage as the heart of music. After coming […]

Evol Walks Takes No Prisoners in “Back Where You Belong”

Evol Walks_Back Where You Belong

More to Watch Originally formed in Los Angeles, the hard rock aficionados, Evol Walks, has been settled in Stockholm, Sweden since the pandemic where they have been working on new material for a full-length album release. The wait for a leading single earlier this year with “Drag Me Down” and now the band is back […]

The Challenger Disaster Conspiracy Channel Twin Peaks for Debut Single

The Challenger Disaster Conspiracy_Somethings Wrong with Dougie

Recent Articles The Minneapolis metal veterans who make up the new band, The Challenger Disaster Conspiracy, lean into their punk side with their debut single “Something’s Wrong with Dougie” from their debut self-titled EP. Inspired by the recent Reboot of Twin Peaks (The Return), the band captures the quirky, yet unsettling vibes that the show […]

Mexican-American Metal Band Scarlett O’Hara Shapeshifts Toward the Future

Scarlett O'Hara - Press Photo

Since forming in 2007, South Texas Mexican-American metal band, Scarlett O’Hara, has been honing their sound and finding themselves along the way. The lone star natives have shared bills with the likes of Metallica and Disturbed, worked with Grammy nominated producers, and been featured on the Sirius XM Octane radio station. And though their sound has transformed significantly over the years, their metalcore roots still hold great influence as they have gradually polished their sound. Join contributing writer Charlie Maybee as he connects with the band to delve into their evolution, which is evident in their latest single, “Witching Hour.”