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Alex Maes & The Connection Take a Kaleidoscopic Turn

Alex and her bandmates sit in front of a pink wall looking into the camera with a mix of expressions.

Recent Articles With their latest EP, The People We Thought We Knew, Alex Maes & The Connection bring some ethereal funk to the forefront. Alex Maes & The Connection band. Photo courtesy of the artist. Made up of four beautifully distilled songs, the single “YOU” leads the charge with a captivating mix of R&B backbeat […]

MD McNally Expands His Signature Heartland Style in New EP “Crimes”

MD McNally "Crimes" album art with a headshot photo of the artist

Recent Articles Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist MD McNally returns with a down-to-earth batch of warm tunes. Besides the soaring guitar riffs and his old-school-style delivery of Crimes, McNally establishes himself as a profoundly personal songwriter. Inspired in his youth by “songs of Irish rebellion” and his “older siblings’ ’80s pop mixtapes,” McNally’s roots are all-American, […]

Euan Blackman Sighs Deep with “Everybody Lets You Down”

Euan Blackman_Everybody Lets You Down

Recent Articles Folk-pop singer-songwriter, Euan Blackman takes a introspective train ride in “Everybody Lets You Down”, his latest single from the forthcoming EP You Are the Rain. With the light strumming of guitar and echoing vocals, it’s a song with a lot of heart that will have you introspective and mellowed out in no time. […]

Marley Pitch Journeys from Darkness to Light with New Album, ‘Nocturne’

Marley Pitch - Press Photo by Dana Verdecchio

North Carolina-based alternative R&B artist Marley Pitch is a storyteller. Drawing from the realities of the human condition, Pitch creates candid, introspective compositions that allow audiences to bring their full selves to bear within a safe space, where darkness and light are not treated as opposing forces, but rather, a part of the continuum of life. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross, as she connects with Marley Pitch to discuss the most important takeaway from his latest album, Nocturne, which released on Dec. 9; why honesty and transparency are vital to the healing process; and what’s on the horizon for the rising artist in the new year.

Dot Dash Welcomes the Stormy Weather in “Madman in the Rain”

Dot Dash "Madman in the Rain"

Recent Articles DC-based alternative rockers, Dot Dash, seem to welcome the stormy weather in their latest album Madman in the Rain. Driven by chorus-filled guitar chords and light synthesizers, the album sits paradoxically on the line between joy and melancholy in both tone and lyricism. Many of these songs feel like they started with an […]

Frogs In Suits Jump In Waist Deep with “Choked Up”

Frogs In Suits_Choked Up

Recent Articles The Launceston, Tasmania-based alternative rockers known as Frogs In Suits have released their latest single “Choked Up” to commemorate the simultaneous release of their latest EP, Waist Deep. As the opening track, it sets a driving psychedelic tone that gives us a taste of what’s to come from the remaining 4 tracks. Channeling […]

Leah Jean: ‘I Have a Tendency Towards Negativity, and I Don’t Think That’s Necessarily a Bad Thing’

Leah Jean - Press Photo by Nate Bradley

On Dec. 2, Nashville-based indie folk artist Leah Jean released her debut full-length album, Creatures In The Room, which spans a transformative journey of highs and lows, ultimately affirming the power of embracing your authentic self. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross, as she connects with Jean to discuss the story behind the album, including the original title; how Jean learned to overcome crippling stage fright and become the confident performer that she is today; and why she believes her “tendency towards negativity” serves to strengthen her art.

Kelaska is Doing Her Best on “autopilot”


Recent Articles Connecticut-based singer-songwriter, Kelaska (born Kelli Wright), is back with her latest single “autopilot”. Both nostalgic and melancholy, it’s a song that strikes a chord for those who feel like they might be moving through life at a different pace from the rest of the world. “I was going through a depression when I […]

Cindy Zhang Dreams of Sunshine in a “Song for Rainy Days”

Cindy Zhang_Song for Rainy Days

Recent Articles R&B and neo-soul musician, Cindy Zhang is gets introspective and stoic with her latest single “Song for Rainy Days”. As the title track for her new album, it touts pristine production accompanied by honest vulnerability that will melt your troubles away. Though there is a melancholy tint to the instrumentation, it’s a love […]

Brody Price Makes Some Space to “Fall”

Brody Price_Fall

More to Watch Singer-songwriter, Brody Price is working towards being more comfortable in his own skin with his latest single “Fall” off the new album Win A Trip To Palm Springs!. The album takes many twists and turns, and with this specific song, he relaxes into an indie folk/country kind of sound with the ambience […]