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Alchemical Records Playlist Updates: Week of July 9, 2022

New Music Friday - New Music This Week on Alchemical Records

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill This will be the last Saturday for this particular feature. Starting next week, you can expect this segment to shrink in size; I’ve committed to sharing fewer of these briefs to focus on better quality writing on my part (the songs are all  brilliant), and so that you’ll have […]

D Majestic and the Spectral Band Deliver Sonic Experience in New EP “The Sermon”

D Majestic and The Spectral Band "The Sermon" EP Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Using samples from an unidentified religious program’s AM radio broadcast, D Majestic and The Spectral Band deliver their latest single, “The Sermon” exploring social mores while ambient soundscapes and soulful jazz merge with electronic rock drums and spacey synths, expertly woven together to become something more. The title track […]

Bonsai 1 on 1 Meeting Platform is About to Revolutionize the Music Industry

Bonsai Meeting Platform Website - Is About to Revolutionize the Music Industry

I had the pleasure of coming across the story of Bonsai and how their platform provided an opportunity for building a relationship between (then) indie artist Namix and music legend Richard Gottehrer resulting in a record deal. I’m excited to share how creating and maintaining authentic relationships adds value to one another and can have some surprising and exciting outcomes: Web and app-based platforms emerge daily with promises to revolutionize the internet and the way we interact with one another. My introduction to one-on-one meeting platform Bonsai was…