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Unity for the Outcasts Explore the “Space in your Heart”

Unity for the Outcasts "Space in your Heart" album art, depicting a spatial event of swirling stars and universes resonating in purple, red, and hues of orange.

Recent Articles Hokay, buckle up, because Unity for the Outcasts (or UFTO for short) are about to take you on a ride all the way through the “Space in your Heart.” The band’s newest single was released on December 29, 2023 just in time for all those New Year thoughts and reflections. It’s a thumper; […]

“Shift” by Lauren Calve is a Folk Country Treat

Lauren Calve is looking at her reflection in a red room. The mirror is ornate with twisted metal all around her.

More to Watch Lauren Calve released her debut album “Shift” September 1st. She performs at Elkton Music Hall in Elkton, MD on November 17. Calve’s first album is a folksy contemplation of her life in quarantine. Through the ten tracks on the album, she spends time dissecting her life figuring out what is good and […]

Keep Summer Flowing with “Daytrippin” by Iration

In a spacey, red background, a white hand is coming out of a yellow gate. There is a beach, and abstract shapes around the sand. Around the entire image is a red border that says Iration in white text on the bttom, and Daytippin in white text at the top.

More to Watch Iration released their newest album, Daytrippin, on October 6th. The Hawai’i-based band takes it back to their roots on their newest album. Iration – “Daytrippin” Album Art – provided by artist. While their 2020 album, Coastin’,  had a bit more of an electronic influence on their reggae-fusion, this newest album strips that […]

Crack The Sky Celebrates Their 20th Album “From The Wood”

Crack The Sky stands against a black background in suits.

Recent Articles The West Virginia-bred band, released their 20th album, “From the Wood”, back in June and are now taking it on a tour of the East Coast. L to R: Bobby Hird, Dave DeMarco, Joey D’Amico, John Palumbo, Rick Witkowski, Glenn Workman – Photo of Crack The Sky courtesy of Rei Peri. In every […]

Round House Kicks Off The Season With “The Mountaintop”

Renea S. Brown (Camae) is lighting a cigarette for Ro Boddie (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

More to Watch Round House Theatre kicks off the 2023-2024 theatre season with Delicia Turner Sonnonberg’s production of The Mountaintop by Katori Hall, which runs through November 5th. Renea S. Brown (Camae) and Ro Boddie (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) in The Mountaintop at Round House Theatre. Photo by Margot Schulman Photography. The play is […]

Sam Elmore – “Winning Horse”: A Reminder to be Brave

Sam Elmore stands on a wooden bridge surrounded by green foliage.

Recent Articles On September 1st, Rockville, Maryland native, Sam Elmore released his first single, “Winning Horse.” Sam Elmore “Winning Horse” – Photo credit @geesnapsphotos Sam is a Rockville, Maryland, native who loves punk rock, musical theatre, and 70s heartland music. He grew up loving artists like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. With a background in […]

Mustard Service On New Album: ‘Art Should Speak for Itself’

Mustard Service pose around a urinal in a vintage bathroom for a press photo shoot.

Mustard Service discuss their new album, Variety Pack, and upcoming DMV show.
It all began with an ambitious college dropout.

As a teenager, Marco Rivero, lead vocalist and guitarist of Miami-based zest pop five-piece Mustard Service, found himself on a journey of self-discovery, and initially, his quest led him down unfruitful and potentially destructive paths.

“When I was 18, I was kind of fucking up my life,” Rivero explained. “I hadn’t done my best in high school, didn’t care much for college, and I was doing too many drugs for an 18-year-old, so my parents decided to ship me off to another country not as a punishment, but as a way to try to give me new perspectives through  which I would hopefully find a purpose or path in my life that didn’t end in rehab or jail.”

Reggae Rock Band Ballyhoo! Tour with New Album, Shellshock

Ballyhoo! band members stand on a sandy beach with beach condos in the background.

The highly anticipated 9th album by American reggae rock and punk band Ballyhoo! is officially out there! Shellshock, the 14-track LP, written and produced by the Aberdeen, Maryland-based band features a variety of impressive genre-complementary collaborators from around the world, including The Elovators, Hirie, Iya Terra, Tropidelic, Bumpin Uglies, and Kyle Smith.
This studio album release is accompanied by a number of thoughtful pieces of bonus content, always one of the ways Ballyhoo! goes above and beyond fan expectations. Ballyhoo!’s YouTube channel has begun rolling out live playthroughs of various tracks from the complete playthrough, beginning with some of the albums underdogs, “Prisoner,” “Insomniac,” and “Polarity.”

Shirlé Hale Drops First Solo Single ‘Lullaby’

Shirlé Hale looking down on a bright, yellow background. In the top right corner is Shirlé Hale in black cursive, and a Lullaby right below that in red cursive lettering.

More to Watch Shirlé Hale starts her solo career with the release of ‘Lullaby’, the premiere single from her debut solo album, The Silver Garden. Lullaby album art, courtesy of Shirlé Hale The formerly Baltimore based, now Portugal based artist has spent years in the music industry, first entering the scene in the mid-80s. After […]

Maryland’s Lauren Calve Embarks on First Co-Headlining Tour

Lauren Calve Shift press photo of 10 mirror reflection

Let no one say government workers are dull. Case in point: Meet the DMV’s own Lauren Calve, who works for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by day while spending her nights performing original music for capital-area audiences. Calve described this Diana-Wonder Woman divide as her “hybrid work life.” 

“I call my job my ‘patron job’ because I work from home full time—I have for almost eight years,” Calve said of being well ahead of the curve in terms of remote employment. “I could have never foreseen how much this job has allowed me to continue music, which you wouldn’t think [given] it’s not a creative job.”

Calve’s single “Shift” dropped in May, followed by “Everything at the Same Time” July 7. “Shift” is a dynamic piece of music in the best tradition of the singer-songwriters—and perhaps reminiscent of Dar Williams and Shawn Colvin. Meanwhile, “Everything at the Same Time” and the more recent single “Subtle Alchemy” bear more of the country stamp—unsurprising given Calve’s significant time in Nashville. (More on that later.)