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DMV-based Singer-Songwriter Rachel Burns Isn’t Taking Any More “Mansplainin’”

"Mansplainin'"-Rachel Burns music video thumbnail

More to Watch Rachel Burns has recently released a new single and video, “Mansplainin’” –  illuminating “the dilemma of women everywhere”. Pop/Soul Singer-Songwriter Rachel Burns is a Washington D.C.-based artist who has recently released a new relatable single and video, “Mansplainin’” –  “a fun, upbeat soul song that illuminates the dilemma of women everywhere: having […]

Girls Rock! DC Empowers Our Community with Accessible Music Education for Youth and Adults

Girls Rock! DC campers performing at the 2016 Summer Camp Showcase at 9:30 Club

Girls Rock! DC is a music and social justice education program in Washington, DC for young people and adults that centers and uplifts marginalized identities in music.

Girls Rock! DC is a music and social justice education program in Washington, DC for young people between the ages of eight and 18 that centers and uplifts marginalized identities in music – women, queer, nonbinary, and transgender musicians, especially those who are people of color. I sat down with Girls Rock! DC’s co-executive director Shady Rose – artist, educator, activist, and DC native – who discussed why the nonprofit’s mission is so imperative, and how the organization commits to putting it in action by providing a safe space for these groups, while spreading awareness of the social imbalances in our music world.

León Larregui Visiting The Fillmore Silver Spring May 27 on His “PRISMARAMA” U.S. Tour

León Larregui 2023 PRISMARAMA Tour

Recent Articles Award-winning Mexican singer León Larregui will perform at The Fillmore Silver Spring on May 27 on his PRISMARAMA U.S. Tour. Award-winning Mexican singer, composer, and producer León Larregui is one of Iberian America’s most influential rock personalities who will be making his return to the U.S. this May, performing at The Fillmore Silver […]

Broke Royals Assumes They Have “No Time For Love” in New Single

Broke Royals "No Time For Love" cover art with a black and grey hand covering a pale white background

Recent Articles D.C. rock band Broke Royals’s catchy new single “No Time For Love” chronicles the early stages of a relationship. Broke Royals “No Time For Love” album art Broke Royals, a rock & roll band that hails from D.C. recently released their latest single, “No Time For Love,” an upbeat, Strokes-inspired track that chronicles […]

A Work of Art is the Muse behind New Single by Plant Dad, “MoMA”

"MoMA" - Plant Dad album art

Recent Articles Plant Dad, or Ralph Bernabe, is a singer-songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland. His newest single “MoMA” explores different influences of shoegaze, punk, indie, and alternative rock. “MoMA” – Plant Dad album art Plant Dad, or Ralph Bernabe, is a singer-songwriter, musician, composer, and arranger from Baltimore, Maryland. His newest single “MoMA”, released March 24, […]

Kronedge of D.C. Release Self-Titled Album Filled with Bangla Rock Songs

Kronedge poses together in front of a stone wall

More to Watch After listening to Kronedge’s self-titled album, which was released on March 3, 2023, we are impressed. They produce Bangla rock songs that transcend multiple genres. Often complex and technical in nature, their songs have garnered accolades from many, which only seemed to have energized and inspired the band even more. Kronedge / […]

New Single by Poppy Patica Is “Awful Sound”

Poppy Patica - "Awful Sound - Album Art

Recent Articles “Awful Sound” is the name of the new and sweetly raw single by Washington D.C. indie-pop/indie-rock artist Poppy Patica. Blink and you’ll miss it. The happy exuberance displayed by “Awful Sound” is pure indie rock at it’s most fun and uplifting. The track is the lead single from the band’s newest album, Black […]

Jon Tyler Wiley is “Full-Handed” and a Little Heavy Hearted

Jon Tyler Wiley & His Virginia Choir - Full-Handed album art with a tall tree, bare of leaves, amidst a clouded sky background.

Recent Articles You’ll understand why Jon Tyler Wiley & His Virginia Choir claim to be a country band that doesn’t play country music once you hear “Full-Handed.” The band blurs the lines of genre between folk, country, and Americana music once more in this deeply emotive and engaging song written about a dissolving marriage from the […]

Jeania Stewart: ‘We All Love, Wonder, and Ponder Life As We Wish Upon the Same Moon and Stars’

Jeania Stewart performing with The American Rogues - Photo by Ken Clark

Pianist, percussionist, seamstress, world traveler, antique collector, art framer, wife, mother, Elvis enthusiast – just a few of the many roles balanced with grace by Jeania Stewart of The American Rogues – for whom the journey is the destination. Since joining The American Rogues officially in 2006, Stewart has become a secret ingredient to the award-winning Celtic rock collective’s successes. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross as she connects with Jeania Stewart in recognition of Irish American Heritage Month to discuss her starts, proud DMV roots, and exciting plans for the future.