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Jesse Gold Kicks Off New Era with “Go Go Gadget feat. Marc E. Bassy”

"If Not Now" EP cover art - Jesse Gold

Recent Articles Toronto R&B-pop artist Jesse Gold has returned with his highly anticipated new EP If Not Now, and its lead track “Go Go Gadget” featuring double platinum R&B artist Marc E. Bassy.  “That girl’s not right for me,” Gold sings, furthering his vision of having each song on the EP represent a different phase […]

Hunter Heflin’s Latest Single “CGI” Takes Listeners Down The Rabbit Hole

Hunter Heflin Press Photo

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Most of us believe that somewhere in the world is the right person, just for us, a unique relationship capable of all the command and presence of Mark Antony and Cleopatra, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, or Neo and Trinity. Behind those feelings of destiny, lay the groundwork for imagining how […]