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Leanna Firestone Relates that Love Works Through “Reincarnation”

Leanna Firestone EP promotional photo, sleepover with "You Just Didn't Like Me That Much" banner

Recent Articles Viral sensation/singer-songwriter Leanna Firestone’s “Reincarnation” is a journey of emotional discovery and the focus track of her EP released Jan. 20, Public Displays of Affection.  As a huge “Strawberry Mentos” fan and someone who has cried to “Least Favorite Only Child” on repeat, Leanna Firestone is an artist that I am sure will […]

Adventures of Love in “One Summer’s Day” by Jay Moussa-Mann

Jay Moussa-Mann_One Summer's Day

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee “One Summer’s Day” gives us a peak into an excursion of love that Jay Moussa-Mann found herself on in Turkey. Mustering up feel-good vibes that channel into a summer love story, the dream pop artist continues down a path of storytelling that feels kin to artists like Taylor Swift, Maisie […]

Ned Moss Lives “In Dreams” In New Single

Ned Moss "In Dreams" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams London-native Ned Moss is back with his third single of the year, “In Dreams”; the singer-songwriter was inspired by the classic 80’s sound and early 2000’s lyrics in this new release. Moss has quite a history pursuing his passion of being a singer-songwriter, as he studied at the Purcell School […]