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Classical Crossover Duo Amor y Luz Spreads Love and Light to Both Sides of the Atlantic

Amor y Luz - Press Photo

The music of Latin American classical crossover duo, Amor y Luz, is beauty personified. Using their diverse cultural backgrounds as a rich lens, Amy Vitro and Kutasha Silva are on a mission to spread well-being, joy, and inspiration. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross, as she sits down with Kutasha Silva, the group’s cellist and lead vocalist. Learn why Silva decided to leave her homeland and plant roots in the D.C. area; the intentional criteria that each Amor y Luz composition must meet; and how music unintentionally created a breakthrough in Silva’s ability to conduct research as a Fulbright scholar.

Latin Rock Folk Band Sonic Castaways Found What They Were Looking For

Sonic Castaways

Sonic Castaways (in Spanish, Naufragos del Sonido) fuse multiple influences, genres, and sonic ideas with a volition and daring that respects the masters whom they emulate while still sounding fresh and exciting. For Hispanic Heritage Month, as part of Alchemical Records’ continuing coverage on groups and artists who touch Hispanic culture in some way, we present to you: Sonic Castaways. Join contributing writer Linc Bradham as he explores the band’s journey.