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Harry Gray Gets Funky “One More Time”

Harry Gray "One More Time" album art with two faces - Harry Gray and MK Zulu.

Recent Articles Harry Gray and MK Zulu merge elements of funk, soul, R&B, and classic hip-hop into a persistent message of love in “One More Time.”  Born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Howard University Alum, Harry Gray “brings soulful music back into the rap scene.”  Harry, a dynamic lyricist and singer and current DC resident collaborates with […]

CRRNT Gives into “Temptation” in Alternative Hip Hop Single

CRRNT - Temptation album art - akin to the hands reaching for each other on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, two hands reach out for one another on a gradient grey-black background.

Recent Articles Alternative hip-hop recording artist, CRRNT has released a new single about the lessons learned from giving into “Temptation.” A haunting piano melody joined by a deep and expressive bass line provides most of the character not already found between the lines spat by CRRNT, a rapper, singer, producer, and DJ originally from Birmingham, Alabama […]

The Scarlet Opera Are Rock Stars in New Video for “Big City Thing”

The Scarlet Opera "Big City Thing" Lyric Video Art

More to Watch Los Angeles-based rock band The Scarlet Opera is back with their next single, “Big City Thing.” The song is a laid-back rock anthem for anyone who wants to make it in the “big city.”  Formed as ‘Perta’ in 2016, The Scarlet Opera is led by lyricist and frontman Luka Bazulka, Colin Kenrick […]

Eryn Michel releases hand-crafted debut single “You Say”

Eryn Michel - You Say - Album Art

Recent Articles Join us in welcoming Eryn Michel’s [EH-rin MIH-shel] first release called “You Say” into the world. “You Say” has been a labor of love for Eryn. She channeled her new production skills, learned during the pandemic, into an honest and personal expression of herself through this first single. Eryn takes the listener on […]

ISHAN: ‘Something Beyond What We Understand Guides the Artist through this Mess that Is Life’

ISHAN - Press Photo - Marcello Anthony

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter ISHAN discovered a love for music at the age of 15 during rehabilitation for spinal fusion surgery. The emerging talent and compelling lyricist has been honing his skills ever since, marking his official entrance to the music scene in late 2022 with his debut single, “Go,” which appeals to fans of Ed Sheeran. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross, as she sits down with ISHAN to discuss his musical influences; how his diverse Indian, Swiss, and Catalan roots inform his worldview; why Baltimore is on his bucket list of places to visit; and the reason he has learned to co-exist with fear.

Richie Gomez is the Light We Need: Always Learning, Always Ready

Alternative artist Richie Gomez discusses debut album, The Light We Needed, with Alchemical Records

“Don’t wait” DMV- based musician Richie Gomez notes toward the end of our interview, “Just get in there and do it.” Apt advice from the Peruvian-born alternative rocker, who sat on a collection of songs for 10 years, waiting for a magic moment of alignment to record his music and share it with the world. “Work through the kinks” he urges, “There’s never a perfect moment. There will be things that you will learn while you are recording, which are just as valuable as the thing you walk into the studio with. Put the songs out and move forward.” Learn more about Richie Gomez’s inspiring story with contributing writer Charlie Maybee.

New EP Inner Child Work by Alicia Blue Will Leave a Lasting Impression

Alicia Blue Press Photo by Tammie Valer

When Alicia Blue released her debut album, Bravebird in 2020, the then L.A.-based artist was told the record sounded like Nashville. Now that she has relocated to Nashville to work with songwriter and producer Lincoln Parish, formerly of Cage The Elephant, Blue is amused by feedback suggesting that her latest EP, Inner Child Work (Releasing July 15 via Magnetic Moon Records), ‘sounds more like L.A.’

Some of this ‘confusion’ is certainly the result of the removal of physical restrictions from collaborating and producing music, as ever-expanding opportunities for remote collaborations reveal…

Rising Industry Professional Maura Marcellino: ‘I Always Have to Prove that I Deserve a Spot at the Table’

Maura Marcellino - 2022 Wammie Awards - Louis Tinsley

Rising industry professional Maura Marcellino discovered Alchemical Records by chance. The Fairfax native and George Mason University senior has an impressive portfolio that demonstrates her commitment to elevating the music scene, and she’s just getting started. Learn more about Maura Marcellino’s exciting journey with contributing writer Cynthia Gross, including her all-time favorite concert experience, her advocacy role in concert sustainability for Live Nation venues, and her special message in recognition of Autism Awareness Month.

Hunter Heflin’s Latest Single “CGI” Takes Listeners Down The Rabbit Hole

Hunter Heflin Press Photo

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Most of us believe that somewhere in the world is the right person, just for us, a unique relationship capable of all the command and presence of Mark Antony and Cleopatra, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, or Neo and Trinity. Behind those feelings of destiny, lay the groundwork for imagining how […]

Shoshan Dunamis Impresses with New Music in 2022

Shoshan Dunamis Impress Me Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill It is amazing how a simple phrase like “Impress Me” can say so much in context. One of the impressive things about Shoshan Dunamis is how as a lyricist she can place the listener in so many of those contexts. This latest single, available now on all platforms, first […]