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Joe Downer: From Metal to Americana

Joe Downer - Eric Brown Photography

Award-winning Americana artist and songwriter Joe Downer was born in the United Kingdom, but calls the DMV home. He moved to the States when he was young and settled in the DMV area, where he’s lived ever since. At 15, he got his first guitar and has not looked back since. Downer loves the area, and attributes a big piece of how his sound and self has developed to the DMV area and community, which he describes as “vibrant and supportive.” Learn more about Joe Downer’s inspiring story with contributing writer Jaci Jedrych, including his journey from rock and heavy metal to indie folk, how music helped him overcome dark seasons in his life, and why he believes music is the great healer.

BRASSIE Does Music Her Own Way


BRASSIE is loath to be pigeonholed into one specific genre or another. Her sound is perhaps reminiscent of the singer-songwriter mode familiar from the likes of Alanis Morissette, but the artist herself insists that her musical influences and DNA are difficult to pin down. She takes inspiration wherever it comes, even from a documentary, noting “I feel like I’m influenced by everything I’ve ever heard.” Join contributing writer Eric Althoff as he sits down with BRASSIE to discuss her viral single, recent Wammie Award nominations, and upcoming shows.