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Adem Dalipi Journeys Through Blues and R&B in After The Party EP

Adem Dalipi Press Photo

Recent Articles by Daniel Warren Hill Chicago-based Adem Dalipi is a blues-influenced Pop/RnB artist and producer, whose latest EP, “After The Party,” is the culmination of his self-taught experiences as a guitarist and songwriter from childhood which ultimately inspired his interest in production and mixing. Dalipi released his first widely available single, “One More Chance” […]

Go Back to Summer Nights with The Jared Stout Band

Recent Articles The Alchemist When Jared Stout moved to Denver, Colorado to start his songwriting career in 2018, the Jared Stout Band was formed. After receiving an overwhelming amount of attention and support for his single “Home” from his home town of Roanoke, Virginia, he moved back home to gather the best musicians he could […]