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A Work of Art is the Muse behind New Single by Plant Dad, “MoMA”

"MoMA" - Plant Dad album art

Recent Articles Plant Dad, or Ralph Bernabe, is a singer-songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland. His newest single “MoMA” explores different influences of shoegaze, punk, indie, and alternative rock. “MoMA” – Plant Dad album art Plant Dad, or Ralph Bernabe, is a singer-songwriter, musician, composer, and arranger from Baltimore, Maryland. His newest single “MoMA”, released March 24, […]

Post ‘Modern Love’: Iconic Songs About Contemporary Love

Post Modern Love

Contributing writer Charlie Maybee finds himself singing David Bowie’s famous song “Modern Love” to himself a lot without knowing why it’s in his head. “Perhaps I’m drawn to the hopeful yearning in the pre-chorus line ‘But I try / I try’ or the danceable confusion about love and sexuality that seems to permeate the song’s lyrical core,” he reflects. But that confusion also hinges upon a foundational question: what is modern love? In honor of Valentine’s Day, Maybee looks back at some iconic love songs that have changed and defined romantic values in popular culture during the age of post-modern love. If your favorite song didn’t make the list, be sure to let us know what we missed!

Skyler Foley is Finding a New Normal with “Coffee Person” EP

Skyler Foley "Coffee Person" EP Album Art

Recent Articles Fairfax based singer-songwriter, Skyler Foley, is making the rounds with her brand-new Coffee Person EP. Driven by a folk-sense of musicality and storytelling with some punk/ska flourishes scattered throughout, the five-track release thematically tackles the mundanity of everyday life that comes from life as an emerging adult. With the leading single, “Normalcy”, Foley […]