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The Honesty Build The Bridge with New Album

The Honesty - The Bridge - album art depicts a cartoon image depicts a giant monster like creature crossing over a truss bridge.

Recent Articles Press play on The Bridge, the debut album from The Honesty, and you will notice two things very quickly; 1. “This band hits hard!” And 2. “My head will not stop bobbin’ to this!” The Honesty – The Bridge – album art The first track, “Tell All Your Friends (feat. Hit the Lights)”, is an […]

Matthew Lowry — Parallel Alt Rock Universe “Flamingo County”

Matthew Lowry - "Flamingo County" album art depicting a "last supper scenerio" with people behind a picnic table covered in corn, an inebriated individual at their feet, and two individuals fighting on the left.

More to Watch Matthew Lowry’s “Flamingo County” was released on Sep. 15, 2023. Matthew Lowry “Flamingo County” album art Lowry’s project is filled with a signature rock sound, “Blending the driving rock influence of Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World with the songwriting of Elton John, Queen, and Ben Folds, Lowry has positioned himself to […]

Reggae Rock Band Ballyhoo! Tour with New Album, Shellshock

Ballyhoo! band members stand on a sandy beach with beach condos in the background.

The highly anticipated 9th album by American reggae rock and punk band Ballyhoo! is officially out there! Shellshock, the 14-track LP, written and produced by the Aberdeen, Maryland-based band features a variety of impressive genre-complementary collaborators from around the world, including The Elovators, Hirie, Iya Terra, Tropidelic, Bumpin Uglies, and Kyle Smith.
This studio album release is accompanied by a number of thoughtful pieces of bonus content, always one of the ways Ballyhoo! goes above and beyond fan expectations. Ballyhoo!’s YouTube channel has begun rolling out live playthroughs of various tracks from the complete playthrough, beginning with some of the albums underdogs, “Prisoner,” “Insomniac,” and “Polarity.”

Matt Wilde Aims to Soothe on Debut LP Hello World

Matt Wilde sitting at his keyboard in the midst of a lush green backdrop

Recent Articles The multi-talented pianist’s first full-length project arrived on July 14th. By infusing jazzy sounds with euphonic beats, Wilde’s richly textured and cohesive studio effort tells a compelling story without words. Matt Wilde – Photo Credit: George Creates Wilde imbues his “personal experiences, thoughts and feelings” into the fluttering passages of Hello World, with […]

Dylan Seeger Floats Betwixt and Between in New Album “Moon House”

Dylan Seeger - Moon House - headshot of the artist

Recent Articles New York City based designer and musician, Dylan Seeger, floats in zero gravity among the stars in his fifth album, “Moon House.” Dylan Seeger – Moon House With an array of indie rock hallmarks including eclectic instrumentation, a spacey pedestrian pace, and swirling backing vocals, he seems to set vibrations loose with the […]

Living Pictures is “Crossing the Bridge” with Debut Album

Living Pictures - Crossing the Bridge Album Art - depicting a kind of visual illusion in the shape of a home or house.

Recent Articles Portland and D.C.-based duo Living Pictures have released their debut electronic album, Crossing the Bridge. Living Pictures – Crossing the Bridge album art Portland and D.C.-based duo Living Pictures consists of driven artists and multi-instrumentalists Reif Larsen and Andrew Perreault, who have recently released their debut electronic album, Crossing the Bridge.  In Crossing […]

Pop Evil Braves the Human Experience Head-On in New Album “Skeletons”

Pop Evil - "Skeletons" album art - containing + and - signs.

Recent Articles Pop Evil’s new LP is a deep dive into the hardships that we experience in life and how we must face them. Pop Evil’s new LP is a deep dive into the hardships that we experience in life and how we must face them, consistent both in lyrical themes and their signature hard […]

Sunstoney Explores New Sonic Territory with 2079 LP and “Ride”

Sunstoney - 2079 album art with a space ship floating above a futuristic and elegant city pond

Recent Articles Eman El Saied (sunstoney) releases a brand new EP, 2079, and takes listeners for an interstellar “Ride” exploring new creative territory. Richmond-based producer, singer, songwriter, and lo-fi recording artist sunstoney looks toward the future and new musical horizons in 2079. Extending beyond the comfort zones of her past, sunstoney enters territory that is more […]

Chase Tremaine Revels in the “Accidental Days” on His Meditative New LP

Chase Tremaine - Accdental Days - Album Art - Showing vintage wheels, clocks, and other assorted items on a blue background.

Recent Articles The Nashville-based solo act has returned with a third album, this time centered around a poignant “thought experiment.” Tremaine describes his artistic persona as a “[o]ne-man-band emo rocker with a post-hardcore sense of instrumentation and an old-fashioned pop sense for melody and harmony.” His ever-growing body of work spans multiple genres and tones, […]

“To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down?” Questions HARBOUR in New Album

HARBOUR"To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down?" album art with a skeleton sitting on the floor of a closet leaning against the wall.

More to Watch Indie rock/pop band HARBOUR from Cincinnati, OH, has released their latest album, asking whether “To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down?”  The question that the album title poses is one that many individuals ask themselves, some on a regular basis. The first track off the album, “Sleepyhead” sets the tone […]