Goalkeeper Release ‘Sooner’ from Forthcoming Debut Album

Goalkeeper release first single from debut album, Sooner

More to Watch On August 26, Philadelphia-based pop-punk trio, Goalkeeper, released “Sooner,” the lead single from their forthcoming debut album. The driving, melodic composition explores universal themes of love lost, regret, and change in a familiar and yet compelling way. “Sooner” follows the narrative of a young couple who meet over the summer and fall […]

Elvis Drew Wants to ‘Focus’ on You, Baby, with Electric New Single

Elvis Drew Focus

More to Watch By Cynthia Gross On June 17, Lagos, Algarve-based alternative electronic artist Elvis Drew released his latest single, “Focus,” a moody, immersive track that explores love, obsession, and the entangled spaces in between. “’Focus’ was inspired by a kind of relationship that lacks attention and focus from one individual to another,” said Elvis […]

Joe Downer: From Metal to Americana

Joe Downer - Eric Brown Photography

Award-winning Americana artist and songwriter Joe Downer was born in the United Kingdom, but calls the DMV home. He moved to the States when he was young and settled in the DMV area, where he’s lived ever since. At 15, he got his first guitar and has not looked back since. Downer loves the area, and attributes a big piece of how his sound and self has developed to the DMV area and community, which he describes as “vibrant and supportive.” Learn more about Joe Downer’s inspiring story with contributing writer Jaci Jedrych, including his journey from rock and heavy metal to indie folk, how music helped him overcome dark seasons in his life, and why he believes music is the great healer.

Liquigetic ‘Goes Crazy’ with Shayla Manee

Liquigetic "I Go Crazy"

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Virginia-based songwriter and producer Liquigetic recently released his collaboration with Shayla Manee, “I Go Crazy.” While the electronic artist is inspired by multiple genres, Liquigetic makes music that can be described as dark ambient-electronic.  Liquigetic’s sound hits a musical sweet-spot in the spectrum of sound that involves blending electronic moments […]

Amanda Alexander Collaborates with VAAAL on New Single, ‘I don’t talk about you’

Amanda Alexander x VAAAL

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Stockholm-native Amanda Alexander and VAAAL have released their first collaboration with their single “I don’t talk about you.” The single is Alexander’s eighth single since her debut in 2014 with “The Chain.” Alexander and her fellow collaborator, VAAAL, met in LA years ago and have been building the song to […]

Linc Bradham Wishes He Could Turn Back Time with Debut Single, ‘Save You’

Linc Bradham "Save You"

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross On March 11, Savannah, Georgia-born and DMV-based artist Linc Bradham released his debut single, “Save You.” The warm, melodic, and emotive piano-driven track explores, with care, the unexpected loss of a loved one and the memories that stay with us for a lifetime. Bradham notes the song “was inspired after […]

The Forbearant: Patience and Self-Control, Restraint and Tolerance

The Forbearant "Seabird"

Recent Articles By Carlos Ramirez Every person’s life comes with difficulties. If an artist is to become great, they must accept difficult times along with the great, to create. Lead singer Ben Distefano was making his way to a professional career as an athlete. When several injuries caused things to go awry, a pilgrimage was […]

Kyle Hume Admits You’re ‘Better Off Without Me’

Kyle Hume "Better Off Without Me"

More to Watch By Cynthia Gross On February 25, Louisville, Kentucky-based commercial artist Kyle Hume released his latest single, “Better Off Without Me.” The heartbreaking, introspective piano ballad chronicles the unraveling of a relationship when someone realizes they cannot be what their significant other needs. “Tears stream down your face as you tell me it’s […]

Ré Alissa Captures Romantic Bliss with Hit Single, ‘MOVIE’

Re Alissa "MOVIE"

More to Watch By Cynthia Gross On February 24, Los Angeles-based R&B artist Ré Alissa released the official music video for her hit song “MOVIE” from her debut EP, Ré. The warm, sensual track, coupled with the artist’s honey-coated, sultry vocals, explores the allure of new relationships when the chemistry is spot-on and the love […]

Indy June Dances with Her ‘Silhouette’ in New Single

Indy June "Silhouette"

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Singer-songwriter Indy June has released her new indie pop single “Silhouette.” This is the fourth single since June debuted with “Imposter (Don’t Belong).” “Silhouette” is a wonderful addition to the indie pop genre; the acoustic guitar and the melody gives the listener a taste of R&B influence, and the deviation […]