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From the D.C. Live Music Scene to Lollapalooza: How Marc Capponi Makes the Most Out of Music’s Endless Possibilities  

Marc Capponi - Photo 1

Within the realm of D.C.-based music, few artists have such an evolutionary history and diverse range of both studio-based and live performance projects as Marc Capponi. “I’ve been playing around town for a long time,” he says, “and I’m still doing it, decades later!” Marc Capponi delves into his personal journey as a composer, performer, and music educator in conversation with contributing writer Emma Downes. Read on to learn more about his early presence in the city’s most widely-loved live venues, his work in the studio and on the road with Rocknoceros, and exciting upcoming projects.

Rocknoceros Reimagines ‘Five Little Monkeys,’ Reflects on Lasting Appeal

Rocknoceros "Five Little Monkeys"

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross Last month, D.C.-based children’s themed award-winning band Rocknoceros released their latest single, “Five Little Monkeys,” an irresistible reimagined version of the popular nursery rhyme that serves as a cautionary tale for incorrigible rambunctious little ones. With the addition of a brass section, organ, fun sound effects, and expanded lyrics, the […]

Marko Nyberg Contemplates Beauty and Humanity with ‘Ingrid’

Marko Nyberg "Ingrid"

More to Watch By Margaret Adams Ambient pop music creator Marko Nyberg released the music video for his new EP on January 31, featuring the single “Ingrid.” The music video illustrates Nyberg’s idea of humanity through the art of dance. Nyberg’s ambient pop ensemble, Husky Rescue, released its last album, The Long Lost Friend, in […]