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A Troop of Echoes Show Their Grit with Series of Historic Live Recordings

A Troop of Echoes_INFINITE HITS 1

Recent Articles Providence, Rhode Island Natives, A Troop of Echoes have returned after an 8-year break with a new series of mixtapes titled INFINITE HITS which capture some of their most memorable and raw live performances. Known for merging post-punk energy with a post-rock atmosphere, there is a uniquely chaotic nature to A Troop of […]

Mar Omin Falls Slowly Through “Little Bird”

Mar Omin_Little Bird

Recent Articles Amsterdam-based alternative soul musician, Mar Omin (previously known as Mar), takes a tender step towards his debut album, Extricate, with the dark, reflective single “Little Bird”. Inspired by intimate journal entries that revealed a cycle of self-hate, the song comes across as a cathartic lamentation that is unyielding in its slowly seeping expanse. […]