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Magic and Loss are Abundant in “Disappearing Act” by Angela Sclafani

Angela Sclafani - Disappearing Act

Recent Articles New York City-based singer-songwriter and daring creator of musical personas, Angela Sclafani, unveils her latest character from her upcoming album, SONGS OF OTHER SELVES, with the new single “Disappearing Act”. An ode to the classic magician’s trick, the song brings an endearing charm in the form of whimsical melodies that skate gracefully overtop […]

Madness Rises in Roscoe Tripp’s “When the Stalks Are Low”

Roscoe Tripp_When the Stalks Are Low

Recent Articles The indie rock outfit known as Roscoe Tripp take a brooding trip through their new single, “When the Stalks Are Low”. Driven by the wild dynamics of the ever-morphing bass, there’s a heaviness that carries through the song’s core offset by the gentle open chords of guitars and synthesizers. During the verse, the […]