Collective Musical Activism: Son La Lucha Uses Traditional Mexican Music as Catalyst for Social Justice

Son La Lucha

Combining a grassroots approach to social justice issues with a traditional style of Mexican music, Son La Lucha is a collective of activists who amass community gatherings and political protests through their music. The collective, which can span from 5-30 people at any given time, specializes in a specific regional style of folk music and dance called son jarocho. Learn more with contributing writer Charlie Maybee, including the distinct approach Son La Lucha uses to get their message across without releasing music for profit.

Brazilian Artist Rafael Pondé: ‘Don’t Try to Live According to What or Who Other People Believe that You Are’

Rafael Pondé

Salvador, Brazil-born and Washington, D.C.-based artist Rafael Pondé is a visionary. Engaging in conversation with him feels like reconnecting with a dear friend. You leave inspired by his depth of perspective and sensitivity to the people and places that surround him. Learn more about Rafael Pondé’s fascinating journey with contributing writer Cynthia Gross, including what identity means to him as a Brazilian artist, the best piece of advice he’s been given, and the one thing he’s never shared about his great uncle, legendary composer Humberto Porto.

Soul Artist Akua Allrich: ‘If You’re Not Happy with You, You Cannot Be Happy with Anyone Else’

D.C. soul artist Akua Allrich shares her story, including a special commemorative project in the works

D.C. soul artist Akua Allrich never intended to be a musician – and yet, she has proven herself to be an artist of extraordinary talent and crowd-moving passion. Often likened to legendary talents such as Nina Simone, Allrich has inspired countless artists throughout D.C. and across the world with her brilliant artistry and commitment to equity and justice. Learn more about Allrich’s journey, including her secret superpower, what identity means to her as a Black woman, her original career pathway, and a special commemorative project in the works that pays homage to her roots.

Las Vegas-Born, DMV-Based Rapper Ka$hdami Has ‘Trust Issues’

Las Vegas-born, DMV-based gangsta rapper Ka$hdami releases "Trust Issues" from mixtape, "Ephiphany"

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross With his recent release “Trust Issues,” Las Vegas-born and DMV-based artist and entrepreneur Ka$hdami delivers yet another example of why growing national and international audiences hail him one of the most exciting new rappers to rise out of D.C. Behind every artist, there is a story. Ka$hdami was led to […]