Gloomer Seeks to Rekindle Stale Relationship with Debut Single, ‘Drumjoy’

Gloomer - Photo by Cassie Hunter

More to Watch By Cynthia Gross On June 28, Los Angeles-based shoegaze project Gloomer released their debut single, “Drumjoy,” a brilliant experimental track that explores the grips of a fraying relationship one cannot seem to escape although it is no longer working. “This song was originally 5 or 6 minutes long with way more different […]

Contemplation and Rage in ‘Remember’ by Gio


Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Indie rocker and rapper, Gio, is getting back on track with a new single titled “Remember,” which pulses with the energy of early 2000’s rap rock but with a softer, pop edge. The Worchester, Massachusetts-based musician uses this unique intersection of aesthetics for a thoughtful song that excavates a depressed […]