Jay Ives Lets His “Freak” Flag Fly with New Single

Jay Ives_Freak

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee New York based electro pop singer-songwriter, Jay Ives, is letting his freak flag fly with his latest single “Freak” which flutters with plentiful amounts of stuttering tremolo effects. There is a sense of lamentation that comes through the lyrics like Ives has been ditched by someone who was once a […]

Jay Ives’ “Oh Maureen” is a Compelling Nod to the Romantic Sounds of the 70s

Jay Ives Oh Maureen Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Coming up in the New York indie scene, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and self-ascribed music nerd Jay Ives has just released his first single of 2022, “Oh Maureen.” Since his debut single “Fall On Me” was released in 2019, Ives’ music has attracted fans from around the world for his […]