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Hedvig Mollestad Shreds Through “Maternity Suite”

Hedvig Mollestad_Maternity Suite

Recent Articles Norwegian jazz musician and guitarist, Hedvig Mollestad, has teamed up with the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra for her latest single “Maternity Suite”. A massive 10-minute epic, the new track is bursting at the seams with a mix of jazz instrumentation with an alternative rock attitude. This is wonderfully loud approach to jazz that feels […]

“Welfare Tour” Maps Out Calm Collapse’s Journey Towards New Album

Calm Collapse_Welfare Tour

More to Watch Seattle-based indie rockers, Calm Collapse, are gearing up for their latest record Mirrored Nature with the release of the leading single “Welfare Tour”. Full of heavy riffs and distorted ambience, the song gives us a lot to look forward to as an oracle of what’s to come. “Welfare Tour” feels consistently off-kilter […]

Manny Cabo Tries to Hold On in “Breakaway”


Recent Articles For fans of early 2000’s rock like Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, or Creed, “Breakaway”, the new single by Manny Cabo, is a must listen. Shifting seamlessly between hard rock guitar riffs and softly melodic arpeggios, it’s the kind of rock that spans an impressive range of emotions in a short time. With breathy, […]