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“Blueberry Season” by Cate Tomlinson Heralds Forthcoming EP

A woman and a pair of dogs sit in a grassy tropical garden paradise.

Recent Articles “Blueberry Season” is in full swing with the release of the anthemic title track from the forthcoming EP by singer-songwriter and performing artist Cate Tomlinson.  “Blueberry Season” track artwork “Blueberry Season is the brutal in-the-moment experience where you just have to feel the bad feelings for a while before you get better,” says […]

Love Can Make You “dumb” in Eva Snyder’s New Single

Eva Snyder "dumb" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Eva Snyder is back with her second love song “dumb” – this release follows “keep dancing,” her last single. As Snyder continues to make a name for herself in the acoustic pop and singer-songwriter genres, she expands her discography with “dumb,” an upbeat pop song about intoxicating nature of love. […]

She Is Jules Is There For Fans With “falling”

she is jules falling Album Art

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych She Is Jules’ latest track “falling” explores the feelings that accompany the slide into a depressive episode. She Is Jules is from the Bay area, started writing songs when she was just 8. She continued into adulthood, with this being the third single off her 3rd EP “Synesthesia”, in which […]

She Is Jules Has Forgiven ‘twice’

She Is Jules "twice"

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych reading of Alchemical Records content provides a multimedia experience for our audience while increasing the accessibility of our content to persons with hearing loss, low vision, dyslexia, physical or motor disabilities, or are on the autism spectrum. She Is Jules’ latest track ‘twice’ is a bittersweet pop ballad, releasing […]