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Marilyn Hucek: ‘I Think the Biggest Superpower You Have Is to Be Yourself Wholeheartedly’

Marilyn Hucek - Profile Crop

D.C.-based pop artist and fashion influencer Marilyn Hucek is the epitome of style, effortless chic, and impressive talent. The American-Chilean rising star continues to amass a loyal following, with more than 1 million Spotify streams to her credit. Hucek’s anthems move individuals to never settle for less than what they deserve. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross as she connects with Marilyn Hucek in recognition of Women’s History Month. Learn why Hucek is “not afraid to fail,” how her multicultural background influences her art, her favorite clothing item in her collection, and her advice for emerging artists.

“Breaking Bones” Shows PHEA at her Strongest

Phea_Healing Heart

Recent Articles Electro-pop cyborg goddess, PHEA, is back with the lead single “Breaking Bones” off her upcoming EP, Healing Heart. Full of gnarly bass-driven synthesizers that transform and distort fantastically, PHEA shows a fearlessness that stems from her experience with having an implanted defibrillator. There’s a natural sense of danger in the way the music […]