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ISHAN: ‘Something Beyond What We Understand Guides the Artist through this Mess that Is Life’

ISHAN - Press Photo - Marcello Anthony

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter ISHAN discovered a love for music at the age of 15 during rehabilitation for spinal fusion surgery. The emerging talent and compelling lyricist has been honing his skills ever since, marking his official entrance to the music scene in late 2022 with his debut single, “Go,” which appeals to fans of Ed Sheeran. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross, as she sits down with ISHAN to discuss his musical influences; how his diverse Indian, Swiss, and Catalan roots inform his worldview; why Baltimore is on his bucket list of places to visit; and the reason he has learned to co-exist with fear.

Hasten Mercy Reflects on Complex Relationships with “You Don’t Leave Me”

Hasten Mercy You Don't Leave Me YouTube Thumbnail

More to Watch By Daniel Warren Hill Released via Neurodisc Records/Global Heist Recordings in February, Hasten Mercy once again flexes his musical skills in his new track, ‘You Don’t Leave Me.’ With understated drums and bass and a minimalist approach to melody, Hasten Mercy broaches the sensitive subject of complex relationships (as if there were […]

Jesse Brady Feels ‘Conflicted’

Jesse Brady "Conflicted"

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych Audio engineer, singer-songwriter, and illustrator Jesse Brady dropped her third track, “Conflicted,” on February 25. Brady has always made music a part of her life. Growing up, she went to an open-minded school in Florida that always encouraged her big ideas and artistic interests. “I found that songwriting was the […]

Outerloop Offers Edgy New Singles

Northern, Virginia band Outerloop release edgy new singles

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych Post-punk, art-rock band Outerloop is bringing a new sound to the DMV music scene with their new songs “El Control” and “Seeping Mirrors.” These are the Northern Virginia-based group’s first recorded tracks. A standout aspect is the bilingual lead vocalist Taisha Estrada, who melds the art-rock sound we know and […]