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Jacob Bennett Gets Nostalgic in Sophomore Album “Heathen”

Jacob Bennett "Heathen" Album Art

Recent Articles Washington DC-based singer-songwriter Jacob Bennett is back with his sophomore EP, “Heathen.” The folk-rock artist’s new album features 12 new songs that illustrate Bennett’s musings and anecdotes about reliving the past and old flames.  Bennett has been releasing folk-rock music since the COVID-19 pandemic; he released his first EP “Jacob Bennett” in 2020 […]

The Cabbys Bring Back 2000’s Indie with “Bruised or Blue”

The Cabbys "Bruised or Blue" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Psych-folk band The Cabbys have resurfaced a part of music that has been long missed–2000’s inspired indie acoustic–with their new cathartic single, “Bruised or Blue.” This is the band’s first single off of their second EP, “Beach Please,” coming out on June 21st. The Cabbys are a wacky, fun-loving guitar-driven […]