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Living Pictures is “Crossing the Bridge” with Debut Album

Living Pictures - Crossing the Bridge Album Art - depicting a kind of visual illusion in the shape of a home or house.

Recent Articles Portland and D.C.-based duo Living Pictures have released their debut electronic album, Crossing the Bridge. Living Pictures – Crossing the Bridge album art Portland and D.C.-based duo Living Pictures consists of driven artists and multi-instrumentalists Reif Larsen and Andrew Perreault, who have recently released their debut electronic album, Crossing the Bridge.  In Crossing […]

Yarni & Give Me Monaco Collaboration “Parenthesis” is Cinematic and Stirring

Yarni & Give Me Monaco - Parenthesis album art

Recent Articles Sheffield-based multi-instrumentalist & producer Yarni (AKA Benjamin Harris) and Oxford-based electronic musician and abstract artist Give Me Monaco (AKA Leigh Redding) collaborate together on a stirring and cinematic new album, “Parenthesis.”  Consistent readers will find that, as a general rule, Alchemical Records doesn’t often share instrumental music. Often, especially for singles, the addition of […]

Lucy Dreams Reaches High “Levels” in Eclectic New Music Video

Lucy Dreams - "Levels" music video thumbnail

More to Watch Vienna-based dream pop trio Lucy Dreams are back with their latest single, “Levels (feat. Frida Bollani Magoni)”, an homage to Einstein’s quantum theory, along with its exploratory music video that is a voyage through dimensions.  The “Levels” video coincides with the atmospheric track, a collaboration with the Italian singer Frida Bollani Magoni. […]

Caleb Peters Goes “ROUNDABOUT” in New Music Video

Caleb Peters "ROUNDABOUT" Album Art

More to Watch 19-year-old indie pop singer-songwriter Caleb Peters is back with a new music video for his newest single, “ROUNDABOUT.” The electro-pop single is a fast-paced and crazed exploration into Peters’s mind, and is his first single of 2022.  The young artist was originally discovered in 2020 when his cover of ‘Sweater Weather’ went […]

Stabbing Westward Vocalist Chris Hall Remixes “Last Ditch” by Amulet

Amulet "Last Ditch (Stabbing Westward Remix)" album art

More to Watch I had the pleasure of taking part in the world debut of the official “Last Ditch (Stabbing Westward Remix) by Amulet on YouTube earlier today. I’m glad I had a front-row seat for this first release from the band in partnership with their new label Distortion Productions. Originally released last year on […]

deadmau5 Adds “My Heart Has Teeth” to Netflix’s Resident Evil Soundtrack


Recent Articles By Emma Page World-renowned electronic musician deadmau5’s (Joel Zimmerman’s) collaboration with singer/songwriter Skylar Grey, “My Heart Has Teeth”, is now available to listen from the soundtrack of the Netflix series Resident Evil from Milan Records. The listener is sucked in immediately by the track that contains Grey’s sultry vocals against an intense beat […]

Anthony Menzia Liberates with ‘Asmodeus’

Anthony Menzia - Asmodeus - SynthNoise - Album Art

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych Self-proclaimed “misfit” Anthony Menzia’s latest track, ‘Asmodeus’, draws inspiration from the occult.  An experimental psychedelic electronic artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Menzia has a distinct and unique sound that even he struggles to catagorize.  “[T]he songs are still too structured for what the experimental crowd is after. I have a very […]

New Music Friday – July 15, 2022

New Music Friday - New Music This Week on Alchemical Records

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Happy Friday! We are jumping into the #newmusicfriday conversation on our site. You can find excellent articles about musicians from the DMV music scene and beyond with new music this week in every category of our site. In this section, we pay homage to some of the submissions we […]

Eksoh’s Latest EDM Single Gets “Freaky”

Eksoh Freaky Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill EDM producer & DJ out of Southern California, Eksoh has been on a mission to consistently make their mark on the electronic music scene since making their debut at the beginning of 2022. An Emmy award-winning film, commercial, and music video director, Colin Pierce has been releasing a single […]