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The Never Ending Fall Make an Indie Rock Heel Turn with “Bad Taste”

Never Ending Fall_Bad Taste

Recent Articles Fallston, Maryland-based junk (jazz + funk) band, The Never Ending Fall, put on their best indie rock impression with their latest single “Bad Taste”. Posited as the 2023 “Anti-Valentine’s Day” anthem, it marks a moment of transition as the band takes on a more lighthearted, yet edgy LA-centric sound. At once, the guitars […]

Joseph Michael Jones: ‘Just Because Someone Isn’t Seeing You As Something Doesn’t Mean You’re Not That’

Joseph Michael Jones

Multifaceted creative and DMV native Joseph Michael Jones is one of a kind. Blending the roles of visual artist, author, playwright, actor, musician, and industry professional, he demonstrates the freedom that comes from creating a life on your own terms. Learn more about Joseph Michael Jones’ journey with contributing writer Cynthia Gross, including his favorite DC9 Nightclub memory, how he navigates his identity as a queer Black man, and the most important lesson he has learned during his growth process.

Jack Xander Is “Doin Fine”

Jack Xander Doin Fine Album Art

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych Jack Xander’s latest track, ‘Doin Fine’, is fresh, relatable, and edgy. Xander sees himself as standing apart from the “under-conceived and over-produced Hollywood music influencer club”, while still maintaining a relatable story with Los Angeles residency. A DIY recorder, multi-instrumentalist, and seasoned songwriter, Xavier knows the fusion of indie and […]

TrizzyHitz Feels the Flow with Comeback EP ’01’

TrizzyHitz "01"

More to Watch By Cynthia Gross Hailing from the 757 area of Virginia, rising hip-hop artist TrizzyHitz returns strong after a one-year hiatus with his new EP, ’01. The 6-track collection revels in its raunchy exploration of money, power, and sex, as TrizzyHitz makes a bold statement to any doubters who question his worth: he […]

Outerloop Offers Edgy New Singles

Northern, Virginia band Outerloop release edgy new singles

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych Post-punk, art-rock band Outerloop is bringing a new sound to the DMV music scene with their new songs “El Control” and “Seeping Mirrors.” These are the Northern Virginia-based group’s first recorded tracks. A standout aspect is the bilingual lead vocalist Taisha Estrada, who melds the art-rock sound we know and […]