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All About the Fun: Jarreau Williams Exudes ‘Cherry’ Flavored Charisma

Jarreau Williams

There is charisma, and then there is Jarreau Williams whose showmanship is bar none when it comes to DC’s Pop R&B scene. The 4-time Wammie Award winner has been stealing shows and hearts with his catchy tunes and unstoppable charm since he was a kid coming up in Alexandria, Virginia, and he continues to keep his sights set on the future with new shows and music for 2023. Despite the accolades that he’s accumulated in his music career so far, he remains humble and grounded about his process and his role in his local music scene. Learn more about Williams’ forthcoming single, “Cherry,” with contributing writer Charlie Maybee in this exclusive preview.

Glenarvon Hits Twice with Two New Contrasting Singles from “Idle Thrasing”

Glenarvon - Idle Thrashing

Recent Articles New York based singer-songwriter, Glenarvon, is coming out of the gate swinging with the simultaneous release of two new singles, “I Wanna Give You My Love” and “Ephemera”, both off his new album Idle Thrashing. Though the songs heavily contrast each other in feel, they both have an earnestness that manifest a captivating, […]