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Jon Tyler Wiley is “Full-Handed” and a Little Heavy Hearted

Jon Tyler Wiley & His Virginia Choir - Full-Handed album art with a tall tree, bare of leaves, amidst a clouded sky background.

Recent Articles You’ll understand why Jon Tyler Wiley & His Virginia Choir claim to be a country band that doesn’t play country music once you hear “Full-Handed.” The band blurs the lines of genre between folk, country, and Americana music once more in this deeply emotive and engaging song written about a dissolving marriage from the […]

CRRNT Gives into “Temptation” in Alternative Hip Hop Single

CRRNT - Temptation album art - akin to the hands reaching for each other on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, two hands reach out for one another on a gradient grey-black background.

Recent Articles Alternative hip-hop recording artist, CRRNT has released a new single about the lessons learned from giving into “Temptation.” A haunting piano melody joined by a deep and expressive bass line provides most of the character not already found between the lines spat by CRRNT, a rapper, singer, producer, and DJ originally from Birmingham, Alabama […]

“To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down?” Questions HARBOUR in New Album

HARBOUR"To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down?" album art with a skeleton sitting on the floor of a closet leaning against the wall.

More to Watch Indie rock/pop band HARBOUR from Cincinnati, OH, has released their latest album, asking whether “To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down?”  The question that the album title poses is one that many individuals ask themselves, some on a regular basis. The first track off the album, “Sleepyhead” sets the tone […]

Jake Knox Pivots Towards Pop Punk with “Jake is Dead (Head Underwater)”

Jake Knox_Jake is Dead (Head Underwater)

Recent Articles Previously known for his work in the genre of EDM and collaborating with The Knocks, Jake Knox is making a hard pivot into the world of pop punk with his latest single “Jake is Dead (Head Underwater)”. Where most of his previous work stems from an electronic foundation, this new track is rooted […]

The Scarlet Opera Are Rock Stars in New Video for “Big City Thing”

The Scarlet Opera "Big City Thing" Lyric Video Art

More to Watch Los Angeles-based rock band The Scarlet Opera is back with their next single, “Big City Thing.” The song is a laid-back rock anthem for anyone who wants to make it in the “big city.”  Formed as ‘Perta’ in 2016, The Scarlet Opera is led by lyricist and frontman Luka Bazulka, Colin Kenrick […]

The Luka State Channels Vulnerability in New Single “Matter of Fact”

The Luka State "Matter of Fact" Album Art

Recent Articles English indie-rock band The Luka State is rocking with their newest single “Matter of Fact.” The new single is the second from their upcoming album, “More Than This”, set for release March 10, 2023.  Band members Conrad Ellis (vocals), Sam Bell (bass, vocals), Jake Barnabas (drums), and Lewis Pusey (guitar) met as childhood […]

Magic and Loss are Abundant in “Disappearing Act” by Angela Sclafani

Angela Sclafani - Disappearing Act

Recent Articles New York City-based singer-songwriter and daring creator of musical personas, Angela Sclafani, unveils her latest character from her upcoming album, SONGS OF OTHER SELVES, with the new single “Disappearing Act”. An ode to the classic magician’s trick, the song brings an endearing charm in the form of whimsical melodies that skate gracefully overtop […]

Evie Asio Shines with Love and Resilience in “Love Is Low”

Evie Asio_Contending & Contention

Recent Articles London-based alternative soul musician, Evie Asio, takes it slow with “Love Is Low”, the most recent single from her new album Contending & Contention. There’s a nice cosmic energy that comes through the ethereal synthesizers as the light pulsing of the drums and syncopated bass bring a grounded funky groove. But it is […]

Courtney McKenna Takes Us Down to the Water in “C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsibility)”

Courtney McKenna_C.S.R.

Recent Articles Los Angeles-based alternative rocker, Courtney McKenna, is back with a brand-new single “C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsibility)”. With a punk rock edge, she sears through this politically charged bluesy tune with pummeling drums and twangy guitar lines. Perhaps, it is the relentless chanting of “down to the water” that permeates through the song’s core, […]

Perro Sombra: “We want to… strengthen the local scene” with the DMV Music Alliance

Perro Sombra walking toward us in black & white

Among the performers at the DMV Music Alliance’s upcoming benefit concert is Perro Sombra, or “Shadow Dog” in Spanish, a Latin rock band.

Daniel Gomez covers lead vocals and guitar, and Francisco Foschi and Lula Neira are bass. Gomez and Foschi are both multi-instrumentalists, even sometimes swapping bass and guitar on stage.

According to the band, “Francisco’s first instrument was the drums, and he was “forced” to change instruments because his neighbors kept calling the police on him.”