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Riots and Jetpacks Take Big Pharma for a Ride with Carousel

Riots and Jet Packs - Carousel - album art featuring an image of a medicine bottle manufacturing line

Recent Articles New Future /Pop Rock duo Riots and Jetpacks of France release a new track called “Carousel,” a metaphor for modern health care. Riots and Jet Packs – Carousel – album art If there’s one thing most people agree on, it is that people all over the world should expect a basic level of […]

“You Seem ‘Curious’ about the New Single by Ainjo

Ainjo - "Curious" album art shows the artist on stage with a number of colorful mannequins.

Recent Articles Ainjo explores the excitement and tension of new relationships in her groovalicious new neo-soul / contemporary R&B single, “Curious.” You should be curious. The combined rhythm section of drum and bass drive this track forward amidst interspersed intervals of ambience and vocal flourishes that seem to draw distinction between the initial timidity of […]