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Kaidi Tatham Takes His Time – “Don’t Rush The Process”

Kaidi Tatham "Don't Rush the Process" Press Photo. Courtesy of First Word Records.

Recent Articles Kaidi Tatham “Don’t Rush the Process” Press Photo. Courtesy of First Word Records. Belfast based multi-instrumentalist, Kaidi Tatham, is taking his time and living in the moment with his fourth studio album Don’t Rush The Process. Bringing a mix of soul, house, techno, and jazz, there’s plenty of groove and funk to keep […]

Barney Cortez Gets an Energy Boost with New Single ‘Protein’

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Philadelphia based indie rocker, Barney Cortez, is back with a new single titled “Protein” which brings contemporary guitar tones and synthesizers to a ballad-like song feels like a mesh between Cage the Elephant and Bruce Springsteen. “It’s just about freedom,” Cortez says. “The exhilaration of moving from city to city […]

Between Seduction and Depression in ‘Violin’ by Ike Rhein

Ike Rhein_Violin

More to Watch By Charlie Maybee Miami based alternative R&B singer and rapper, Ike Rhein, has returned with his second single of year, a moody track titled “Violin.” Along with the track, he has also released a brand-new music video that sways in somber blue tones. Building on a discography of songs primarily focused on […]

Ben DeHan ‘Woke Up’ with Latest Single

Ben DeHan Album Art Woke Up

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Ben DeHan made his way into the hearts of fans as a member of Baltimore-based rock band American Diary in 2006. With the release of their sophomore album in 2008, The Brightest Colors, came the opportunity to undertake over 44,000 miles of national touring, which also included the band’s […]