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My New Mixtape Transcribes “Long Distance 1970” Phone Call

Screenshot from the music video for "Long Distance 1970" depicting a woman and man on the phone with a grainy photo of a man dressed in military uniform in between.

Recent Articles With dreamy overtones and a catchy groove, “Long Distance 1970” by My New Mixtape transcribes a fictitious phone call made during a timely point in U.S. history. “Long Distance 1970” maintains a conversation tone between two friends catching up over a distance as it discusses the difficulty of making a long distance move, […]

ION Empowers Himself with ‘Xeno’

ION sitting in a green field against a blue sky

Recent Articles Jon Sadiku, who performs under the name ION, released “Xeno” on July 14th. The title of the track invokes the image of everything different. Jon Sadiku, aka ION. Photography by Akeel Karim “I use the word ‘Xeno’ in this song as a metaphorical expression for our individual quirks. We each have our own […]

Sunstoney Explores New Sonic Territory with 2079 LP and “Ride”

Sunstoney - 2079 album art with a space ship floating above a futuristic and elegant city pond

Recent Articles Eman El Saied (sunstoney) releases a brand new EP, 2079, and takes listeners for an interstellar “Ride” exploring new creative territory. Richmond-based producer, singer, songwriter, and lo-fi recording artist sunstoney looks toward the future and new musical horizons in 2079. Extending beyond the comfort zones of her past, sunstoney enters territory that is more […]

Estella Dawn Serves Sweet & Sultry New Electropop Single “Cotton Candy”

Estella Dawn "Cotton Candy" album art - Estella Dawn lays on her side, facing the camera, while wearing a sultry outfit

Recent Articles San Diego-based singer, songwriter, and producer Estella Dawn has channeled classic dance-pop with her funky new single, “Cotton Candy.” San Diego-based singer, songwriter, and producer Estella Dawn has channeled classic dance-pop with her funky new single, “Cotton Candy,” released on March 3 via Purplestar Records – her third release of 2023. “Cotton Candy”’s […]

Blue Canopy Airs It Out in “Bright Spot”

Blue Canopy_Bright Spot

More to Watch Portland-based multi-instrumentalist, Alex Schiff (also known as Blue Canopy), takes a dreamy, surf pop approach in his latest single “Bright Spot. Amidst the bright arpeggiated plucking of the guitar are vocals that contrast soft, breathy dynamics with heavy lyricism. “Tell me that I’m always on your mind / I get the feeling […]

Dragonette Returns to Form with New Album “Twennies”


Recent Articles Juno Award-winning artist and songwriter, Martina Sorbara, better known as her electro pop alter ego Dragonette, is finally back with her latest album, Twennies, after six long years. In the midst of becoming a first-time mom navigating the pandemic along with other recent collaborations, she returns to home base to deliver something heartfelt […]

Tiny Ghosts on their Unbreakable Bond, Creative Chemistry, and Defying Expectations

Tiny Ghosts - Press Photo - Graham Morrison

Friends have an infamous reputation for being less than ideal business partners. Indie pop duo Tiny Ghosts, comprised of guitarist Eric Morgan and lead singer Dayan Marquina, are a testament to the fact that one size does not fit all. Defying expectations, the duo entered the music scene in 2020 and has not looked back. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross and learn more about Tiny Ghosts, including the curious story behind the duo’s name, how the band’s broad musical influences inspire their sound, and the impact of Marquina’s Hispanic heritage on her songwriting.

New EP Inner Child Work by Alicia Blue Will Leave a Lasting Impression

Alicia Blue Press Photo by Tammie Valer

When Alicia Blue released her debut album, Bravebird in 2020, the then L.A.-based artist was told the record sounded like Nashville. Now that she has relocated to Nashville to work with songwriter and producer Lincoln Parish, formerly of Cage The Elephant, Blue is amused by feedback suggesting that her latest EP, Inner Child Work (Releasing July 15 via Magnetic Moon Records), ‘sounds more like L.A.’

Some of this ‘confusion’ is certainly the result of the removal of physical restrictions from collaborating and producing music, as ever-expanding opportunities for remote collaborations reveal…

ella ruby Recalls Lost Love in last year

Recent Articles By Maura Marcellino I hope you all had a wonderful Pride Month this year. I wanted to share a queer artist that has reached my radar, ella ruby. She is a 22 year-old singer-songwriter from Seattle, Washington. She was raised on rainstorms and touts an excessive love of books. The past few years […]

Bite The Boxer Gets Nostalgic and Spooky with Music Video for “Like A Ghost”

Bite The Boxer_Like A Ghost

More to Watch By Charlie Maybee Matt Park, also known as Bite The Boxer, is back with a new music video for “Like A Ghost” which continues his trek into the world of alt-pop, synthwave, lo-fi, and indie pop to create a dreamy and lush soundscape. Visually, we see Park playing different instruments gradually fading […]