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Roxercat Finds Treasure in “Pearls” EP


Recent Articles Nashville rock band, Roxercat, brings something new and shiny with their latest EP, Pearls, putting their prog rock prowess on full display. Collecting their two debut singles, “I Changed Today” along with the title track “Pearls”, the EP rounds out with 4 brand-new tracks that are equally as engaging. The EP spans an […]

Cindy Zhang Dreams of Sunshine in a “Song for Rainy Days”

Cindy Zhang_Song for Rainy Days

Recent Articles R&B and neo-soul musician, Cindy Zhang is gets introspective and stoic with her latest single “Song for Rainy Days”. As the title track for her new album, it touts pristine production accompanied by honest vulnerability that will melt your troubles away. Though there is a melancholy tint to the instrumentation, it’s a love […]

The Improvised Dreamscapes of “Maybe We Leave”

Gleason and Buell_Maybe We Leave

Recent Articles Ryan Buell. Photo courtesy of Ryan Buell and Garrett Gleason Garrett Gleason. Photo courtesy of Ryan Buell and Garrett Gleason DC based guitarists, Garrett Gleason and Ryan Buell, have teamed up for an experimental collaboration titled Maybe We Leave. Recorded at the historic Black Cat this past October, the album’s foundation was pulled […]

Smokin’ On Planes Explores the Certainty of Uncertainty with ‘Enigma’

Smokin on Planes-Enigma

More to Watch By Cynthia Gross Earlier this month, D.C.-based post-hardcore band Smokin’ on Planes released their latest single, “Enigma.” The song’s melodic, retro-tinged sound coupled with an exploration of existential themes reveals the certainty of uncertainty within our lives while showcasing some of the band’s best work to date. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist […]

Thyra Hilden Releases Brand New EP TRAPPED IN DREAMS

Thyra Hilden TRAPPED IN DREAMS Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Indie Pop / Electro Pop artist Thyra Hilden has just released her debut EP about living in an illusion, TRAPPED IN DREAMS. Her debut single, “TOUCH,” released earlier this year has an edgy pop sound contrasted by the slower, darker, more ethereal closing track, “DUST,” written in memory of […]

Aeon Station Watches Life from an ‘Observatory’

Aeon Station "Observatory"

More to Watch By Jaci Jedrych Aeon Station’s latest release, Observatory, is a hardy, heart-warming album that celebrates the perseverance of the human spirit. Longtime Wrens member Kevin Whelan worked with bandmate Jerry MacDonald, guitarist Greg Whelan, indie rock veteran Lysa Opfer, as well as Tom Beaujour to create Aeon Station.  “It’s the best I’ve […]

Niall McCabe Says Don’t Wait until ‘The Last Chorus’

Niall McCabe "The Last Chorus"

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross On March 4, County Mayo, Ireland-based acoustic artist Niall McCabe released “The Last Chorus,” which is the lead single from his upcoming album. The effecting and mesmerizing track gently beckons listeners to awaken from their complacency in order to experience all the wonder life has to offer. “The Last Chorus” […]

Ben DeHan ‘Woke Up’ with Latest Single

Ben DeHan Album Art Woke Up

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Ben DeHan made his way into the hearts of fans as a member of Baltimore-based rock band American Diary in 2006. With the release of their sophomore album in 2008, The Brightest Colors, came the opportunity to undertake over 44,000 miles of national touring, which also included the band’s […]

The Infinite Daisy Chains Linger Between Dream and Reality with ‘Paper Tigers’

Infinite Daisy Chains "Paper Tigers"

Recent Articles By Jessica McCormick This reading of Alchemical Records content is to provide a multimedia experience for our audience while increasing the accessibility of our content to persons with hearing loss, low vision, dyslexia, physical or motor disabilities, or are on the autism spectrum. The Infinite Daisy Chains duo describe themselves as “D.C.-based […]