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My New Mixtape Transcribes “Long Distance 1970” Phone Call

Screenshot from the music video for "Long Distance 1970" depicting a woman and man on the phone with a grainy photo of a man dressed in military uniform in between.

Recent Articles With dreamy overtones and a catchy groove, “Long Distance 1970” by My New Mixtape transcribes a fictitious phone call made during a timely point in U.S. history. “Long Distance 1970” maintains a conversation tone between two friends catching up over a distance as it discusses the difficulty of making a long distance move, […]

Memories of Childhood in Pine Barons’ Dreamy “Frantic Francis” Video

Pine Barons - "Frantic Francis" - Video Still of KC Abrams

More to Watch Do you remember what it felt like to wake up each morning as a child — what your first thoughts were before the day began? Pine Barons captures this universal, but often forgotten experience in “Frantic Francis,” released Tuesday, February 28th.  The track marks Pine Barons’ first output since 2022’s I LOVE […]

Argel MDR Celebrates Immigrant Journey with ‘Story We Tell’

Argel MDR "Story We Tell"

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych Inspired by the legacy of Philippine folk music, Argel MDR juxtaposes tradition and modernity, East and West, to create “Story We Tell.” Filipino-born singer Argel MDR moved to Surrey, Canada with his family when he was 15, where he is now based. He has released five singles since just 2021, […]