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La Faute Comes for “The Crown” in Frosty New Song

La Faute - "The Crown" album art

More to Watch Toronto’s mysterious, brooding La Faute has crawled from the depths to deliver a third taste of her first-ever LP Blue Girl Nice Day. La Faute – “The Crown” album art Peggy Messing’s recently-unveiled solo project intends to envelop “themes of surface vs. depth, longing, betrayal, mourning and desire” into her songcraft. Released […]

Color Palette Find Stillness in Motion with ‘Pacing Like a Lion’

Color Palette - Pacing Like a Lion

More to Watch On April 14, D.C.-based indie dream pop band Color Palette released their latest EP, Pacing Like a Lion. The lush, shimmery 3-song collection journeys through spaces of lost and found – and back again – eventually arriving at a sense of presence. The EP begins with the rhythm-driven title track, “Pacing Like […]

Pine Barons “Sinks in the Water” in Dreamy New Single “Blue Dolphin”

Pine Barons - "Blue Dolphin" - music video still

More to Watch Need to update your springtime playlists? Look no further than “Blue Dolphin,” experimental dream pop group Pine Barons’ latest release as of Tuesday, April 11th. The track is the follow up single to “Frantic Francis,” which dropped the last day of February, and continues its predecessor’s journey down a whimsical new path […]

Take a Journey with Thyra Hilden in “Lucid Dreampop”

Recent Articles Looking for some new and relatable dreamy pop music to chill out to or even make you reflect? Check out the versatile EP that is Lucid Dreampop by Danish visual artist Thyra Hilden for a simple, but sophisticated 17 minute experience of sensual, Nordic existentialism. Great for fans of Gracie Abrams, Lights, The […]

Lucy Dreams Reaches High “Levels” in Eclectic New Music Video

Lucy Dreams - "Levels" music video thumbnail

More to Watch Vienna-based dream pop trio Lucy Dreams are back with their latest single, “Levels (feat. Frida Bollani Magoni)”, an homage to Einstein’s quantum theory, along with its exploratory music video that is a voyage through dimensions.  The “Levels” video coincides with the atmospheric track, a collaboration with the Italian singer Frida Bollani Magoni. […]

Blue Canopy Airs It Out in “Bright Spot”

Blue Canopy_Bright Spot

More to Watch Portland-based multi-instrumentalist, Alex Schiff (also known as Blue Canopy), takes a dreamy, surf pop approach in his latest single “Bright Spot. Amidst the bright arpeggiated plucking of the guitar are vocals that contrast soft, breathy dynamics with heavy lyricism. “Tell me that I’m always on your mind / I get the feeling […]

Manpreet Kundi Takes It Slow with “lipstick kisses”

Manpreet Kundi_lipstick kisses

Recent Articles Berkshire singer-songwriter, Manpreet Kundi, is back with the new, moody single “lipstick kisses”. Channeling some melancholy dream pop vibes, her breathy vocals hang drearily against an ethereal backdrop of synthesizers and gentle guitar. “I wrote ‘lipstick kisses’ on the guitar, sitting in bed alone one night a few years ago” says, Kundi. “Symbolic […]

“Don’t Date Me”, Ellie Moon Warns in New Single

Ellie Moon - "Don't Date Me" music video thumbnail

More to Watch Liverpool-born and Madrid-bred musician Ellie Moon has returned with her new single “Don’t Date Me”, along with its striking music video.  Described as “the lyrical and melodical love-child of Jarvis Cocker and Gwen Stefani,” Moon grabs your attention immediately as we are met with a pink frenzy of a dinner party. Her […]

Josh Fudge Dreams in “TECHNICOLOR”


Recent Articles Dream pop aficionado, Josh Fudge, shows off effortless grace and coolness in the new synth-soaked single “TECHNICOLOR” which is also the title track off his debut album. You can almost see the swirling kaleidoscope of color with the opening sample as it pulls you through a tunnel of synthesized sound. On the other […]

Gillian Elyse Honors ’80s Pop in New Single “9 weeks”

Gillian Elyse - "9 weeks" music video still

More to Watch If you’re looking for a new queer heartbreak song to play on repeat, Gillian Elyse’s recent single, “9 weeks”, is an ideal ’80’s-esque anthem. “A modern day ode to 1980s pop,” this track features addicting melody and production, including big percussion and bass that you can feel in your heart. Elyse’s voice is […]