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Gothic Western Rock Duo Hematite: ‘Life Is Constant Movement, You Just Have to Decide What Direction to Go’

Hematite - Press Photo - Courtesy of the Artist

On March 31, gothic Western rock duo Hematite released their debut EP. The one-of-a-kind collection takes listeners across the frontier on a wild journey of discovery and redemption, ultimately arriving at the realization that the past, present, and future are interconnected and evolving. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross as she connects with two of the rock scene’s greatest gems, Davey Muise and Andrew Gaultier, to discuss the vision behind their new direction, the most important takeaway they want listeners to gain from their EP, and what survival and rebirth look like during challenging seasons.

Dasha Channels Raw Emotion in “Dramatic”

Dasha - "Dramatic" cover art

More to Watch Twenty-two-year-old pop singer/songwriter Dasha is authentically herself in her new single, “Dramatic”. With the success of her debut EP, $hiny Things, Dasha is working on new music. There is a commitment to her art inspired by the women who came before her. As she puts it, “I’ve always been surrounded by women […]