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Dot Dash Takes It Back With “16 Again”

The name of the album, '16 Again' is written in bubble letters above a banner photograph of the band playing together.

More to Watch D.C. locals Dot Dash compile 16 of the band’s best tracks, and re-releases them with Country Mile Records. Terry Banks (lead vocalist and guitarist), Hunter Bennett (bassist), and Danny Ingram (drummer) make up the garage-band, pop punk trio that is Dot Dash. After 7 albums, the band with self-proclaimed “no hits” drops […]

Dot Dash Welcomes the Stormy Weather in “Madman in the Rain”

Dot Dash "Madman in the Rain"

Recent Articles DC-based alternative rockers, Dot Dash, seem to welcome the stormy weather in their latest album Madman in the Rain. Driven by chorus-filled guitar chords and light synthesizers, the album sits paradoxically on the line between joy and melancholy in both tone and lyricism. Many of these songs feel like they started with an […]