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aSanTIS: ‘You Are a Part of the Highest Form of Creation’

aSanTIS posing for the camera with headphones on (for accessibility)

Flow-bending artist aSanTIS discusses art, culture, and whether sound can solve the world’s problems in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.
My interview with Amy Santis aka aSanTIS began in the most unexpected way. The Maryland-based flow-bending artist and lyrical storyteller came prepared to engage in conversation around questions I had posed – and she also brought one or two of her own thoughtful prompts based on her curiosities around my view of learning.

This practice of taking in her surroundings deeply through observation and inquiry has come naturally to aSanTIS ever since she was a young child. In terms of her early starts in music, she notes that she began as a discerning listener. “Just listening to music from my mom, on the radio, just being a consumer in the world of sound. But I think mainly, my mom has always loved dancing and listening to music, so that was sort of like second nature. We play music at gatherings, we play music in the car, and these songs are sort of like diaries that take us into a specific place.”

One Way Out Hints at New Album with Recent Singles

One Way Out band members sit inside Jimmy T's restaurant.

Recent Articles Jimmy T’s Place launches on all major platforms Oct 6 True to form, dirty shirt rock n’ roll band One Way Out, originally from Washington D.C., do not disappoint with their latest release, “Final Failure,” from their forthcoming junior album Jimmy T’s Place, named after the iconic Capitol Hill restaurant. One Way Out […]

Stay Afloat with Soft Punch — Above Water

Soft Punch - Above Water album art: A painting of a pond and two dogs embracing overlaying it, one wearing green pants.

Soft Punch, aka Rye Thomas, of Washington D.C. released his debut album, Above Water on September 15th, after years of working on it.
The album is a labor of love that Soft Punch, the stage name of Rye Thomas, has been working on for years since the diagnosis of his chronic illness. It takes you through the highs and lows, mourning the freedom lost, and celebrating the things that he is grateful for in his day to day life. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him about his process of writing the album.

The titles of albums are the first thing that an artist sees. That, and the artist’s name. When I first heard the name ‘Soft Punch’, I was intrigued. It was gentle but intentional. “I don’t know if I had a specific ‘A-ha, Lightbulb’ moment, but I was interested in words that sound good together and have multiple meanings,” Thomas said. “It’s a gentle hit, and a nonalcoholic punch. It’s the image of something harsh and something soft is interesting to me. I think I lucked out.”

Richmond Rapper Johnny Ciggs Gets Deep — New Album Grace St

Johnny Ciggs — Grace St. — Album art depicting a hand drawn style of artwork depicting Johnny Ciggs on the left, in front of a row of townhomes. The windows are lit revealing risqué things. happening in the windows.

Recent Articles Grace St. was released on August 1, 2023. Johnny Ciggs, a hip-hop/rap artist from Richmond, VA, exudes vulnerability in his newest album, filled with his experiences over a “Real crazy few years living on Grace St.,” he says, “Reminiscing … Richmond, VA is a lot different than it was back then, so it […]

Bay Area Rock Band French Cassettes Arouse in “Medium Horny”

French Cassettes in a seated pose for the photo, bringing to mind a classic film reel.

More to Watch Performing in D.C. with Moozy at Comet Ping Pong on Sept. 27 Today, Bay Area indie rock band French Cassettes premiered the music video for their latest single, “Medium Horny” via Flood Magazine. Next week, the band kicks off their U.S. tour dates with a performance at Comet Ping Pong in Washington […]

Sam Elmore – “Winning Horse”: A Reminder to be Brave

Sam Elmore stands on a wooden bridge surrounded by green foliage.

Recent Articles On September 1st, Rockville, Maryland native, Sam Elmore released his first single, “Winning Horse.” Sam Elmore “Winning Horse” – Photo credit @geesnapsphotos Sam is a Rockville, Maryland, native who loves punk rock, musical theatre, and 70s heartland music. He grew up loving artists like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. With a background in […]

An Interview with Ari Voxx

Ari Voxx - I'm Okay, Please Stop Asking - Album Art featuring the artist and her band in hot pink against a green garden landscape.

Recent Articles Melancholy Moods, Music Therapy, and Monologues In the middle of August, Ari Voxx and her band the Sad Lads released their first album, “I’m Okay, Please Stop Asking.” Ari is a natural storyteller. Her album follows several narratives from her past that put her in melancholy moods. Her ability to be unapologetic is […]

Max Fite, Derek Evry, and Kill For Sushi – Rock The Runaway

Tour banner with a secret service agent announcing that "Max Fite is back!"

Recent Articles Los Angeles rockers maintain local Washington, D.C. ties on September 29 On September 29, 2023, The Runaway, located in the Brookland neighborhood of NW Washington D.C., will host indie rockers Max Fite from Los Angeles with support by local artists Derek Evry and Kill For Sushi (formerly Wandering Lies). Max Fite, Derek Evry, […]

Mustard Service On New Album: ‘Art Should Speak for Itself’

Mustard Service pose around a urinal in a vintage bathroom for a press photo shoot.

Mustard Service discuss their new album, Variety Pack, and upcoming DMV show.
It all began with an ambitious college dropout.

As a teenager, Marco Rivero, lead vocalist and guitarist of Miami-based zest pop five-piece Mustard Service, found himself on a journey of self-discovery, and initially, his quest led him down unfruitful and potentially destructive paths.

“When I was 18, I was kind of fucking up my life,” Rivero explained. “I hadn’t done my best in high school, didn’t care much for college, and I was doing too many drugs for an 18-year-old, so my parents decided to ship me off to another country not as a punishment, but as a way to try to give me new perspectives through  which I would hopefully find a purpose or path in my life that didn’t end in rehab or jail.”

Reggae Rock Band Ballyhoo! Tour with New Album, Shellshock

Ballyhoo! band members stand on a sandy beach with beach condos in the background.

The highly anticipated 9th album by American reggae rock and punk band Ballyhoo! is officially out there! Shellshock, the 14-track LP, written and produced by the Aberdeen, Maryland-based band features a variety of impressive genre-complementary collaborators from around the world, including The Elovators, Hirie, Iya Terra, Tropidelic, Bumpin Uglies, and Kyle Smith.
This studio album release is accompanied by a number of thoughtful pieces of bonus content, always one of the ways Ballyhoo! goes above and beyond fan expectations. Ballyhoo!’s YouTube channel has begun rolling out live playthroughs of various tracks from the complete playthrough, beginning with some of the albums underdogs, “Prisoner,” “Insomniac,” and “Polarity.”