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Richie Gomez is the Light We Need: Always Learning, Always Ready

Alternative artist Richie Gomez discusses debut album, The Light We Needed, with Alchemical Records

“Don’t wait” DMV- based musician Richie Gomez notes toward the end of our interview, “Just get in there and do it.” Apt advice from the Peruvian-born alternative rocker, who sat on a collection of songs for 10 years, waiting for a magic moment of alignment to record his music and share it with the world. “Work through the kinks” he urges, “There’s never a perfect moment. There will be things that you will learn while you are recording, which are just as valuable as the thing you walk into the studio with. Put the songs out and move forward.” Learn more about Richie Gomez’s inspiring story with contributing writer Charlie Maybee.

The Neuro Farm Cast Spells with New Album, Vampyre

The Neuro Farm "Vampyre"

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Darkwave gothic rock band, The Neuro Farm, has released their third album, Vampyre.  The term “vampyrism” refers to a curse that was believed around biblical times. The album’s story tells of a woman who is persuaded to join a vampyric cult with the promise of immortality. Because of the building […]

Perro Sombra: Not Your Average Rock Band

Perro Sombra: Not Your Average Rock Band

Some bands have experience. Some bands have a fresh sound. And then there are some very special bands who have both, the kind of bands that make music that lasts forever. One of these bands is Perro Sombra. Join contributing writer Jaci Jedrych as she explores Wammie Award-winning rock band Perro Sombra’s roots, influences, and path forward. Learn the key component the band believes is crucial to allowing their music to resonate widely with national and international audiences.

Disco Risqué Excites Listeners with ‘D3P’

Disco Risque releases new EP D3P

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych If you’re looking for fresh and funky new tunes that feel like a throwback, check out Disco Risqué’s D3P. In just three tracks, Disco Risqué charms the listener with their retro but modern energy. The Charlottesville, Va.-based band’s self-proclaimed mission is “to take over the world one sweaty, borderline-psychotic music […]