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Rapper Pink Moni is Unapologetically Taking the DMV by Storm: ‘I Love the Skin That I’m In’

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DMV-based rapper Nia Monaé, who goes by the stage name Pink Moni, is one to watch. Monaé exudes confidence, inspiration, and natural talent. Her style is uniquely creative, and the DMV is lucky to have her as she is sure to soon blow up. Already, Monaé is a 3x Wammie Award winner and has made a name for herself as the first, youngest, and only female rapper to win a music competition in Baltimore. She has amassed thousands of views across her social media, including going viral on TikTok several times. Learn more about Pink Moni’s journey with contributing writer Emma Page in recognition of Black History Month, including why the rising talent loves the skin that she’s in.

Stephanie Mathias Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month: Daring, Vulnerable, and Pushing the Boundaries

Stephanie Mathias "Hispanic Heritage Month" Press Photo

For Stephanie Mathias, music is an integral part of life. The pop singer-songwriter has gone from playing violin in orchestras in Mexico to running a music podcast (DC Music Rocks) to collaborating with local DMV artists on her own songs. As an award-winning violinist, singer, songwriter, and pianist, her diverse repertoire in the music industry speaks for itself, but Mathias has much more up her sleeve.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrate with Stephanie Mathias as she and contributing writer, Margaret Adams, explore the ways in which Mathias’s own Hispanic…

Day of Departure’s Self Titled Debut Album is a Masterpiece

Day of Departure Self Titled Debut Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill In the Fall of 2021, Alchemical Records shared the debut single “And We Prepare for Our End” from D.C. based post rock/metal band Day of Departure, an eight minute long odyssey exploring the decline of humanity nearly reaching total self destruction. Now, with the release of Day of Departure’s […]