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Translating Message into Action: Marc 2ray Talks Music and Activism

Marc 2ray

The history of hip hop was paved primarily by a mix of innovative approaches to technology and politics that sprang from the experiences of Black urban communities. In a sense, it has always been a form of activism that calls out systemic inequities while also building upon elements of funk and R&B that came before it. And that’s what DMV-based rapper, Marc 2ray finds himself building upon as he pushes the boundaries of music’s ability to affect social change in his local community. “I really got into hip hop when I was kid” he says surrounded by a wall with an impressive array of LP’s, many of which belonged to his father.

Perro Sombra: “We want to… strengthen the local scene” with the DMV Music Alliance

Perro Sombra walking toward us in black & white

Among the performers at the DMV Music Alliance’s upcoming benefit concert is Perro Sombra, or “Shadow Dog” in Spanish, a Latin rock band.

Daniel Gomez covers lead vocals and guitar, and Francisco Foschi and Lula Neira are bass. Gomez and Foschi are both multi-instrumentalists, even sometimes swapping bass and guitar on stage.

According to the band, “Francisco’s first instrument was the drums, and he was “forced” to change instruments because his neighbors kept calling the police on him.”

DMV Music Benefits All

DMV Music Alliance Benefit Concert "DMV Music Benefits All" Promo - Showcasing local talent: The Experience Band, Marc 2Ray & Friends, Perro Sombra, BRASSIE; at Songbyrd in Washington D.C. on December 8, 2022.

Thursday, December 8, 2022
Washington DC
The Experience Band, Marc 2 Ray & Friends, Perro Sombra, BRASSIE

BRASSIE Performing at DMV Music Alliance’s “DMV Music Benefits All” Inaugural Benefit Concert

BRASSIE "DMV Music Alliance"

“DMV Music Benefits All,” on Dec. 8 at Songbyrd Music House in Washington D.C. will include performances by local artists, including BRASSIE.

It is no secret to those within its scope that the DMV’s music scene is one of the most uplifting communities to be a part of. One organization that is striving to highlight this value of connection is the DMV Music Alliance, “a Washington D.C.-based grassroots non-profit committed to uniting and serving the needs of the thousands of artists and industry professionals across Suburban Maryland,

Rising Industry Professional Maura Marcellino: ‘I Always Have to Prove that I Deserve a Spot at the Table’

Maura Marcellino - 2022 Wammie Awards - Louis Tinsley

Rising industry professional Maura Marcellino discovered Alchemical Records by chance. The Fairfax native and George Mason University senior has an impressive portfolio that demonstrates her commitment to elevating the music scene, and she’s just getting started. Learn more about Maura Marcellino’s exciting journey with contributing writer Cynthia Gross, including her all-time favorite concert experience, her advocacy role in concert sustainability for Live Nation venues, and her special message in recognition of Autism Awareness Month.

Lead Into Gold – Episode 2 – with DMV Music Alliance


This month’s guests are Dave Mallen and Dani Weymouth of DMV Music Alliance. The DMV Music Alliance is a Washington D.C.-based grassroots non-profit committed to uniting and serving the needs of the thousands of artists and industry professionals across Suburban Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia. As the first area organization of its kind, the Alliance provides educational, networking, and financial resources to local music professionals and creates and supports strong community-based initiatives, positioning the DMV to be celebrated as a vibrant, nationally recognized music scene.